POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box

POPSUGAR Must Have Box


We here at Femme Fitale Fit Club are all about our fitness but don’t mistake it – we love being women, feminine and all the privileges that come with it.  I recently reviewed an amazing subscription box by POPSUGAR called the POPSUGAR Must Have box and I have been so thrilled with it that I am dying to get another.

Some of the main reasons why I love this box is because for only $39.95/month you get over $100 worth of products ranging from household, makeup, food and of course FITNESS.  Not only that – they are FULL SIZE ITEMS!!  That is definitely my absolute favorite part of this subscription box.

If you want to try this out for yourself then order you one or 5 using my affiliate link:  http://popsugar-must-have.evyy.net/c/100589/137737/2706

Trust me when I say you will NOT be disappointed.  Once you order,  let me know by stopping back through here and leaving a comment of what you think of it.  Being fit doesn’t mean we don’t also like being pampered.  This subscription box definitely provides products for pampering.  ENJOY!

POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box

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In The Gym with Buffie the Body

Buffie the Body

FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers.

BC:  Hi! I’m Buffie Carruth also known as Buffie the Body. I’m the owner of Bodynomics.com, a health and fitness site for women.

FFFC:  How did you get started in fitness?

BC:  After leaving the hip hop industry, I decided I wanted to help females stay in shape and live healthier lifestyles. So I became a CPT through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2012.

FFFC:  How do you balance making time to get in your workouts with the demands of your career and personal life?

BC:  There won’t be a career or personal life if you lose your health! So I always make staying healthy and fit a priority.

FFFC:  How would you characterize your body type?

BC:  Full-figured, flat tummy and nice arms. I exercise regularly but never considered myself the athletic type.

FFFC:  What is the biggest misconception about your body type?

BC: I’ve been called “overweight” because my BMI is not as low as some health experts think it should be. I was never considered overweight until I became a part of the fitness industry.

FFFC:  What is your favorite exercise routine?

BC:  I love lifting weights and using my own  body weight to build strength.

Buffie the Body

FFFC:  What do you consider the most useful workout equipment?

BC:  Dumbbells, jump ropes, barbells and a bench.

FFFC:  What general tips do you have for the average woman trying to balance family, career with a fitness lifestyle?

BC:  If exercising is not priority in life you will continue to make excuses to not to engage in it. You have to decide what’s important. Unfortunately, being fit and healthy is still not important to some of us considering the statistics on diabetes and heart disease.

FFFC:  Do you have any words of wisdom to share with our readers who struggle with poor eating and drinking choices and habits?

BC:  I don’t have the best eating habits but I’m consistently taking steps towards a better diet. I haven’t completely avoided the things I love to eat, I just try to eat less of it and more of the right foods.

FFFC:  What is Bodynomics?

BC:  A health and fitness website with tons of videos showing women how to properly exercise and get in shape.

FFFC:  What would you say is your biggest career accomplishment to date?

BC:  Starting my own fitness company to help others.

FFFC:  Who is your fitness inspiration?

BC:  Myself…

FFFC:  Do you have any new projects or programs you would like to share with ur readers (i.e. DVDs, tours, challenges, shows, etc.)?

BC:  I have a lower body DVD that was released in 2013 entitled “Grade A Glutes”. My newest ab DVD will be released in September 2014 called “HourGlass Abs”. More info can be found on www.bodynomics.com/shop

FFFC:  How can our readers find you on the web and learn more about your programs and services?

BC:  http://www.bodynomics.com/

Workout Wednesday Link Up #41

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I’ll be back next week in full swing but in the meantime ENJOY this week’s Link Up!!!!!

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$200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to the $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

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Back Exercises You Can Do at Home

Back exercises

Come on, you know where the back machines are in your gym right? Well if you don’t, it’s the group of machines that rarely have anyone on them. That’s because people like to work muscle groups that get attention, like biceps and abs. However, those with strong backs will be the first to tell you it is one of the most important muscle groups on your body, not only for posture, but for any type of athletic movements.

Facts about your back muscles:

    • Your back muscles are the second strongest muscle group in your body; only your legs have more power.
    • A wide back creates the illusion of having a much smaller waist than you actually do. Therefore you look a lot trimmer than you really are.
    • Back training burns more calories than most exercises because they are the second biggest muscle group in the body.
    • For athletic movements, a strong back will enable you to throw further, climb and pull higher, or punch harder.


  • The lower back is used in nearly every exercise that you do for your entire body.

So, how do you exercise your back if you don’t have access to gym equipment? Easy, just follow the below workout I designed for you.  Feel free to add or take away reps if the exercises are too easy or difficult for you.

Supermans – 1 set – 8 reps

Lay face down with your arms out straight in front of you. Raise your arms and legs 6 inches off the ground. Hold for 3 seconds and return to the starting position.

I Pose Pump – 1 set – 18 reps

Lay face down with your arms extended by your side. Raise your arms and legs 6 inches off the ground. Pump your arms up and down.

T Pose Pump – 1 set – 25 reps

Lay face down with your arms extended outward. Raise your arms and legs 6 inches off the ground. Pump your arms up and down.

Bird dog  – 1 set – 8 reps

On your palms and knees with your eyes facing the ground, raise one arm and the alternate leg in line with your back.  Hold for 3 seconds. Every two times you raise your leg is one rep.

Bridge– 1 set – 8 reps

Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet hip-width apart. Put your arms at your side and lift your hips. Hold for 3 seconds and return to starting position.

There you have it, 5 back exercises you can do anywhere and anytime without any equipment. Of course, if you have a gym membership you could add many more back exercises to this workout, such as lat pull downs and pull ups.  Always be sure to stretch your back after a workout to reduce soreness and stiffness.


This article was authored by Michael Volkin, inventor of Strength Stack 52 bodyweight exercise cards and the all new Weight Loss Stack 52, the most fun and unique way to lose weight. 

Workout Week Recap + Product Review

Workout Week Recap and Review

Last week was a whirlwind of a week!  I had boot camp (no two-a-days though) plus I got to run with some of my lovely running buddies.  My clothes feel a bit looser and I tried out some new workout gear (Kushyfoot® socks) so keep reading to see how my week went and what I thought about these performance socks.

Monday 8/11:

This was boot camp day with Monte Sanders and his wonderful team.  I also enjoy this boot camp because I have made many new friends inside and out of there and everyone is really cool.  Monte was his usual self and we did our mileage warm up to loosen up our bodies and prepare for the hard work to come.  He challenged us to lose between 8 to 10 lbs this session along with 3 inches from our waist.  That won’t happen without hard work.  And trust me the work was HARD but I felt accomplished afterwards.  Here’s my calorie burn count to prove it.

Polar FT4 HRM

Tuesday 8/12:

Ran the nice steady hill on Dolefield with my running buddies.  It was about 3.5 miles roundtrip and I felt strong coming and going!  Those sprints we do in boot camp really helps with steady-pace running because your pace actually picks up.  On its own.  I love that.  We met up around 5:30 am and got back just before it was time to rush home and get ready for the day.  I love early morning runs.  BTW I also tried out my Kushyfoot® athletic socks during this run to see how they compared to my regular running socks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wednesday 8/13:

It was back to the drawing board in boot camp on Wednesday.  We did a mile warm up run and I did it in 8:40.  That was ok but last week I ran it a bit quicker.  I was determined to improve that time next time.  We did a bunch of stop and start drills which meant we had to be quick on our feet to easily change direction.  Speed was also key as we had several sprints in between.  I also wore my Kushyfoot® athletic socks on this day too to test them out under more rigorous conditions than a steady-pace jog/run.


Thursday 8/14:

We returned to boot camp bright and early at 5:30 am and started with another one-mile warm up.  This time I came in at 8:33 – a little better.  I would like to one day be a sub-8 minute mile but I realize that will come with time and training.  Sprints will get me there.  We did a bunch of sprint drills including intervals with push ups mixed in and I even bumped it up and did a set of decline push ups.  I will be honest – regular push ups are pretty much standard and “easy” so I do need to step it up.

Polart FT4 HRM

Friday 8/15:

Sleep in rest day.  I actually slept in til 6:30 am!!!  Wooo hoooo!

Kushyfoot® Athletic Socks review  Kushyfoot logo

Kushyfoot Sock review

Disclaimer:  I was provided complimentary pairs of Kushyfoot® Athletic Socks for review.  As always, the opinions expressed in this review are my very own.

My foot covering is very important to me since I tend to run and sprint a lot during my workouts.  I have also been wearing the basic same pair of athletic socks suggested to me back in 2005 so it was fun to check out a different pair of socks to see if I have been missing out simply out of habit.

Kushyfoot® is a company who makes all types of foot coverings.  Athletic socks are just one kind.  They also have food coverings for formal shoes, yoga, casual wear around the house, knee highs, tights, slippers, etc.  Their product selection runs the gamut.

Directly from their site: 

Step it up with Kushyfoot® athletic socks for sport or everyday comfort!

Low cut socks are convenient since they don’t show in most running shoes or sneakers. Available in packs of 3 in different color assortments, this product features a built-in padded sole to provide extra soft cushioning and keep your feet comfortable as you move throughout the day.

Kushyfoot athletic socks


I first tried a pair of their low-cut socks during my steady-pace run up a steady incline on Tuesday.  The socks allowed my feet to breathe and they weren’t sweaty when I was done even though it was a humid morning and I was sweating everywhere else.  They were comfortable in my Asics GT2170 running shoe and I did not have blisters afterwards (always a PLUS).

I then wore my Kushyfoot® Athletic Socks to boot camp.  I will admit we do a lot of stop and go, sprints, change in direction and spontaneous movements all the time so I knew this workout was really going to put those socks to the test.  As expected we did all of the movements I mentioned above and the socks performed OK but they were a tad bit thin therefore my foot was sliding around more than normal in my running shoes.  Yes I wear my Asics to boot camp because of all the running we do.  I tied my running shoe as tight like I always do and double knotted them but my foot still had room to move around which slowed me down during my sprint drills. Bummer.

What I liked:

  • Even though my pair was free, the price point seems pretty reasonable and affordable compared to other athletic socks out there on the market
  • My foot could breathe and did not sweat more than normal
  • Great for jogging

What could have been better:

  • I wish the socks were a little thicker, not just to keep the foot stable but also for cushioning
  • It appears you can only purchase these socks online directly on the Kushyfoot® site as I didn’t see any retailers in my direct area that sell them


Overall I give these socks a 7 out of 10 stars.  They are affordable and a decent sock for moderate activity.  Check them out and try them for yourself.  Tell them Femme Fitale Fit Club sent you.  :-)

How did your workouts go last week?  Do you have any favorite apparel which are must-haves when you work out?


Spicy Bite Green Juice Recipe

Spicy Bite Green Juice

You know it’s been a while since I have featured a delicious juicing recipe but no better time like the present and I am bringing to you my own concoction – Spicy Bite Green Juice!  I heard about Williams-Sonoma’s Juice Week and y’all know how much I love shopping in that place.  I actually use several products purchased from there while juicing including my awesome strainer which removes all of the excess pulp.

Also, if you didn’t know, Williams-Sonoma also carries a host of juicers to choose from so you can make your very own smooth and fresh juices.  Check out their inventory of brands and various price points by clicking here —->  http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/electrics/electrics-juicers/.

I hope everyone’s Summer has been awesome.  I can’t believe we are about to head back to school in just a few short weeks.  Unfortunately this Summer did not come with many or any vacations but we hope to sneak away with the kids for a couple of days to wind down before the Fall school season ramps up.

If you have been following my blog for a quick minute then you know I have been receiving organic produce from Farmivore that I’ve been juicing on a regular basis.  Well I felt like getting a little creative and spicing it up.  This Spicy Bite Green Juice was just the right creation.  It has a nice balance of sweet with a nice little “kick” from the ginger and lemon.  

Check it out – make it and let me know what you think.


Bunch of kale

piece of ginger

4 apples

2 cucumbers

1 whole lemon peeled

2 anjou pears


Omega VRT350 Juicer

Instruction:  Clean and prep all food for juicer.  Send through juicer, put in a cute glass and enjoy!  Feel the bite.

Spicy Bite Green Juice 2


Purchase an Omega VRT350 Juicer of your very own.  **Affiliate link**

What’s your favorite spicy juice to make? 

Maleficent Prize Pack Giveaway (5 winners)

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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While you’re back-to-school shopping, don’t forget to check out all of the Disney-themed Reebok shoes to find this year’s new favorite pair for your little ones!

Unknown Bad Eating Habits that are Making You Gain Weight

Unknown Bad Eating Habits that are Making You Gain Weight

Have you been trying hard to lose those extra calories or the extra flabby fat that can be seen around your belly? Are you strictly following the diet plan and the workout routine that is given to you? Many people make sure that they do all of this but still fail to get proper results that they might be expecting. It is rightly said; Gaining weight is quite simpler than losing weight. If you gain weight in just about 6 months, it will take at least a year to lose that much amount of weight. Thus, one needs to be patient and determined to achieve his goals.

Apart from the diet plan and the workout routine, have you thought about your overall lifestyle and the way you keep yourself busy at work and at home? You need to think of every little thing that you do during the day that contributes in considerable weight gain. The most important thing that we need to take care of is the eating habits. It is true that a habit that we have been following since long is hard to change. But, if you want to lose weight and get back into shape, there are a few things that you need to concentrate on. Let us take a look at a few Bad Eating habits that are usually ignored, but are the major causes for weight gain. The points mentioned here is a step by step process that a person might be following in a day.

  1. Skipping Breakfast

Let us begin with this most important meal of the day. Breakfast plays an important role in the way you manage to stay energized and active the whole day. You must have a heavy breakfast that contains lots of fresh foods like fruits, eggs and lots of milk. You can also have a breakfast that contains high protein such as beans, sprouts and cereals. The most common mistake that people usually do is that they miss this meal. However busy or tied up you are with your work, make sure you take time out and have a healthy breakfast that will keep you going throughout the day.

  1. Eating on the Go

The above point mentions that you do not have to miss breakfast. This does not mean that you can carry something in your car and have it while you are driving. Are you going to concentrate on the road or are you looking into what you are eating? It is difficult to make sure about the kind of food that you are eating and the quantity that goes in while you are concentrating on the vehicles on the road. Make sure you have enough time to eat your breakfast at home and then move out for work.

  1. Snacking at the workplace

This may sound good enough as it is important to eat as and when you feel hungry. But, watch out for what you are eating and the quantity that you are consuming. People are often found so busy and engrossed in their work that they tend to eat faster and more than the quantity that is actually needed. You can take some time out a night before and pack a healthy snack that can be had at such times in the office. You can also grab some soaked nuts that can be eaten during this time. If you still want to eat something, take some 15 minutes off from work, sit aside and eat something healthy. This will make you feel full and will not allow you to feel hungry soon.

  1. Munching while you watch television

It is obvious that after a day that was full of work, you would want to relax back and watch some movies or daily shows on television. It is okay to do so. But, watch out for what you choose to do along with it. Have you grabbed some snack packets? Here is where the fats come from. Eating while you are distracted takes away your attention from the food. You land up eating extra and gain a bloating stomach. Avoid snacking onto something while you are in front of the television or even when you are busy reading a newspaper.

  1. Late Dinners

People think that it is alright to eat dinner at anytime in the evening. Although there is no particular time at which you should eat dinner, it is always preferred to have it at least 2 hours before you go off to sleep. Thus, 8pm is an ideal time when you can have your dinner as you can go to sleep by about 10pm. Another important thing that one needs to remember is to avoid eating anything after dinner. Make sure that dinner is the last meal of the day.

  1. Not enough Sleep

This is in fact a common reason for many to gain weight. Sleep is the most important thing that a body requires. Every cell in the body has worked out enough during the day and now, they all need rest. Enough of sleep during the night helps one to stay fresh the next day. A recent study also mentioned that people who slept less were found to feel hungry very often. Do you remember the urge you felt while you were at work? It can be mainly because you did not sleep well the last night. Thus, make sure that you get enough sleep. Do not keep any work that needs to be done after 10pm.

With the change in the lifestyle in this competitive world, people are ignoring all the basic etiquettes simply with the urge to overpower each other. But, little do they understand that these are the reasons that are causing adverse effects on their health. You will simply need to take some time and think of all the things that you do in a day. It will help you identify the right and the wrong and thus will help you realize the areas where you are lacking. All you need to do is be patient and thoughtful in all that you do and think before you take that bite!

Reference Link: http://sdpharmaceuticals.com/news/five-ways-stay-fit-work/


Author Bio:

James Hundson is a fitness trainer who has been training people who wish to undergo weight loss, strengthen their muscles or even build muscles to make them look bulkier. He has the solutions for almost all fitness related problems. His blog posts have been inspiring many people around the world to adapt to a healthy lifestyle that will help in staying fit for a longer time.

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