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We are very happy to have you join our Link Up Party.  If you’ve been coming a while then you know I have been naming these after party songs.  This week – no party song.  :-( BUT we do plan to deliver a great link up party with interesting blog posts and much more.

Brief word from our sponsors:  Several of us bloggers also got together to create a FitTube video tag on Youtube being brought to you weekly.  Go to YouTube and enter hashtag #fittube to find our videos.

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Tuesday #Motivation

Fitness motivation



Motivating you to Fierce, Fit and Fabulous!

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S is for Snacks


The letter “S” is for snacks.  If any of you are like me, working out multiple times a week constantly leaves me hungry throughout the day. On one hand that is a good thing, gives me an inclination my metabolism is burning but on the other hand – it gets difficult to make the right choice if I do not plan properly.

Check out my quick video on the subject.

My trainer has informed me I should consume about 5 to 6 small meals a day to stay satiated, hydrated and to prevent hunger.  This means more than breakfast, lunch and dinner – this is adding 3 additional snacks in there thoughout the day.

One additional thing my trainer shared with me is that the more healthy small meals I eat through out the day, the more fat I will burn and the more inches I will lose.  HOORAY!  But it does seem counterintuitive.  You mean if we eat more we can actually lose weight?

Yes and more importantly no.  If you eat the right things YES.  If you eat the wrong things no.

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What are RIGHT snacks?

  • Green smoothies
  • Almonds
  • Cut up fruit
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Raw veggies with hummus
  • No-bake energy bars

What are WRONG snacks?

  • Chips
  • Soda
  • Processed snack cakes
  • Junk food

It isn’t that hard to figure out.  If it typically comes in a vending machine – bad.  If you can pluck it out of a tree or out of the ground or off a vine – GOOD.

What clean eating snacks do you enjoy?


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Boston Marathon 2014

Boston Marathon

We here at Femme Fitale Fit Club support and congratulate all of the athletes participating in today’s Boston Marathon.  The strength, resolve and passion exhibited by Boston, its citizens and the athletes is admirable to say the least.  Nothing short of awesome!  No action by anyone to dampen our spirits or to break us will prevail.

Boston Marathon and its athletes, we salute you.  Good luck during today’s run and we admire you.  Now get ready to run your best race.

To get additional race details check out the links below:

To track runners:

Race results:

Elite racer results:

Congratulations to all of the athletes!

Monday #Motivation

Fitness inspiration

Motivating you to Fierce, Fit and Fabulous!

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R is for Rest


The letter “R” is for rest today.  Many of us are working hard to get our bodies in tip top shape but guess what – going hard alone is not going to help you achieve it.  One key to muscle development and fitness is R-E-S-T, REST.

See, when we rest our bodies repair.  Our cells flush out toxins and heals.  If you are lifting weights in the gym (light or heavy) your muscles get small tears in them.  The period of rest is just what they need to rebuild and repair back stronger than before.

I read all the time where people are doing cardio and weights 7 days a week.  It all sounds good at first but if done over an extended period of time without adequate rest periods one risks:

1.  Injury

2.  Fatigue

3.  Overtraining

No one wants that so make sure you get the proper rest each and every night along with a period of no heavy activity such as extended or intense cardio or weight lifting.  Your body will thank you for it.

By the way if you didn’t know – adults who do not get at least 7 hours of sleep nightly risk slowing down their metabolism and holding on to their weight.  Don’t let that be you.  Try to get at least 7 hours of rest every night and rest your muscles at least one day.  If you went extremely hard, give your muscles 2 days worth of rest.

It’s not like you are going to lose strength with the rest.  On the contrary – you will be stronger than ever. 

Can you recommend any others?


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Happy Resurrection Day 2014


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Q is for Quiet Time


There’s something to be said for those individuals who have quiet time in the morning to meditate and spend time with themselves and God during the quiet hours of the morning.  They tend to be less stressed and happier people.  I know people personally who meditate and are better for it.  They are the see the cup half full vs. half empty crowd.

One of my New Year’s promises was to begin reading the bible in the morning before I do anything else.  Yes anything else even check my blog and email.  I did very good the first 30 days of this personal challenge because I downloaded a daily devotional from my Holy Bible app about “How to Maximize Your Life”.  It is a 30-day plan.

There are some excellent passages and lessons in there that really helped me start my day.  See, that quiet time helped me be real with myself, think, meditate and figure out how I was going to make the most of the day.  Not just for myself, but for my family as well.  See, when I am running around hectic without much time to think – I am not as effective.  Sounds weird and one would think if you are running around one is being productive.  Just the opposite.

In fact you may be counterproductive because you are trying really hard to do everything that you miss the finer points.  Also, I was a grouchier person without my quiet time.  No bueno.

If you feel your life is hectic and getting away from you – try to niche out some quiet time for yourself.  You won’t regret it and you will be better person for it.

The other devotional plan\s I read was:

“Marriage:  A Lifelong Journey (15 days)

Can you recommend any others?


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#FitTube Tag Episode 1: Getting to know you

FitTube Tag is a new series started by some of us fitness bloggers.  It is totally open and if you have a fitness, healthy living, or running blog as well as a YouTube channel and would like to join us – please do.  This week’s theme was “Getting To Know You”.  

Since many of us have been linking up blog posts from our weekly Workout Wednesday link up party series we thought we would take it 1 step farther and create videos as well.

I will admit – I was a bit nervous because A.  I don’t like how I look on screen, B.  It sounds like another thing to do and I already have limited time, and C.  How do I edit the thing?  With the encouragement of some experienced bloggers, I was able to put those “fears” aside and just do it.

Watching their videos has inspired me to create more.  Check us out and ENJOY!


Diatta | Femme Fitale Fit Club

Markita Staples | Sweshfit

Tiki Byrd | Healthy Living Tiki

Natalie Wester | Mean, Green, Clean Eating Teen

Pamela Bruesehoff | Gym Free Fitness

Sheila | The Frugal Exerciser

 And please welcome our drop-in Veronica Spriggs | Me Only Better Fitness

Folks have been asking how frequently we plan to do these videos.  Some say weekly and others say monthly.  For starters we are planning to do these monthly until we get our feet up under us and then we will do these more frequently.  I hope that doesn’t disappoint but honestly – I had so much fun doing this we may be doing this more frequently very soon (not that it’s all about me) LOL.  

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know us a little better which was our first theme.  Each episode will have a different theme and different set of questions.  Stay tuned.

P is for Push Ups

P is for Push Ups

Any and everyone who knows me knows I enjoy doing push ups.  I know that sounds strange but I do.  You know why?  Due to another “P” word, powerful.  It makes me feel powerful.

I do them in boot camp and with my personal trainer.  I do them on my own and while working out with my girls.  It is my go-to exercise.

I started doing them when I watched Janet Jackson’s concert “Velvet Rope”.  Her body was so tight in that concert I got on the hotel floor that day (I was consulting and living in extended stay hotels) and just started.  I started on my knees but after two weeks of completing them consistently daily, I was up on my toes in standard position.  That was a big accomplishment.

We’ve had several challenges incorporating push ups like a 1,000 push up challenge in March.  BOY it was tough and I will say I did not make it BUT there is always tomorrow…or rather next month.  LOL.

Here are some of variations of push ups you are sure to benefit from.  But wait – what does it work?  If you do it right:

  • abs
  • shoulders
  • triceps
  • biceps
  • chest










Hold your abs in tight – will make the push ups easier to execute

Breathe out when you rise up and straighten your arms

Slow and steady, don’t rush through the movement

Try to bring your chest down to 1 inch above the floor

Use a yoga mat under the hands if the ground is too hard


How many push ups can you in 1 minute?

Don’t own a yoga mat, check out some of our recommended favorite brands.
Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  Also, I am not a personal trainer or physician.  Always check with your physician before starting any exercise program.


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