Product Review: RBX Digital Camo Leggings

RBX Digital Camo Leggings

Hey Femme Fitale Family…I’m back at it again with another product review.   First let me set my disclaimer:  I received a complimentary pair of RBX Digital Capris Camo Leggings for the purposes of this review.  As always all opinions expressed in this review are all mine.

When I was contacted to try these capris I was very excited because if you have been following me on IG or Facebook, I am trying to overhaul my workout clothes.  I have been wearing the same black capris since the beginning of time and while it is easy … it’s quite boring.  I was sent the orange RBX Digital Camo Leggings and immediately fell in love with the bright color.

I decided to try out these capris during my regularly scheduled morning run with Black Girls Run! Baltimore because I figured running in the heat with these capris will really test out their wickability (I made this word up).  :-)  I put them on, paired them with a similarly bright sports bra and off I went.

RBX Digital Camo Leggings with sports bra

I slipped these capris on and they went on like butter.  They were soft, comfortable and not restrictive at all.  That is probably due to its 4-way stretch feature.  It also has flat lock seams which meant NO CHAFING as I ran and is fade resistant.  I washed it 3 times and the colors are still as bright as the first day I received them.  I also liked the fact there was a small pocket in the front where I could store my car key as I ran.  I didn’t lose the key and it was snug as a bug in a rug.

RBX Camo Capris with front pocket

They were comfortable to run in and did not slide down or move.  I loved them and even received compliments from my Sole Sisters when they saw them.  That made me smile.  I came home and my husband dug the camo design because he served in the Army and likes the design.  He also thought they were very bright (in a good way).

If you want a pair of these bright RBX Digital Camo Leggings you can get them at your local Department Stores, sporting goods stores, specialty retailers or directly on the RBX site HERE.  The team at RBX have a nice offer for all of my readers that is valid until July 31, 2015.  Get a 25% discount off your purchase with promo code Active25 and if you still have $50 worth of goods after the discount is applied, get free S&H.  I am loving that deal!


I give these capris 9 out of 10 stars.  They are comfortable, smooth, they look good and feel good.  Can’t beat that.

How do you spice up the look of your workout wardrobe?


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“Femme Fitale Fit Club” Eat Clean Live Happy Box

Femme Fitale Fit Club Eat Clean Live Happy Subscription Box


I’m too excited to have my Infusion Water Bottles featured in the Eat Clean Live Happy Subscription Box box offered by Homeshed Kitchens.   Homeshed Kitchens is a Maryland-based artisinal catering company who believes in eating clean and living happy.  Everything they make is handmade, farm fresh and absolutely DELICIOUS.  I reviewed their meal service back in July 2014 and fell in love!

The chef and owner is Jeanette Warne and we decided to collaborate on this box.  She put some nice things in the box along with the Infusion Water Bottles with Drink Tracker.  Take a sneak peek:

Green Matcha Granola

Here’s the description from their site:  Our Matcha Granola Mix is something that I am completely hooked on right now!  The grassiness of the matcha is toned down, balanced by the nuttiness of the roasted walnuts and the sweetness of the unrefined brown sugar and real maple syrup in the simple granola mix. The green tea flavor is there but it doesn’t smack you in the face.  Matcha has ridiculous levels of antioxidants and general good-for-you– benefits.  It’s packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg.  It also boosts metabolism, burns calories and detoxifies effectively and naturally.  A secondary benefit to this matcha granola is the slow and subtle alertness that matcha’s caffeine, combined with its amino acids, promotes. You know that jittery buzz you get after one-too-many cups of coffee? Matcha is the opposite of that as it calms the nervous system.

Here’s another peek at what’s inside:

Chewy Vegan Cacao Balls

These are Chewy Vegan Cacao Balls.  Nothing pleases me more than to know that a sweat treat is super healthy!  That’s what these chewy cacao nib balls are.  They’re full of fiber and iron from whole-grain puffed cereal and protein from almond butter and it’s all completely vegan thanks to the organic brown rice syrup! We’ve sprinkled ours chewy balls with some hemp and chia seeds

And if the Infusion Water Bottle with Drink Tracker and these sneak peeks weren’t enough, I included a little surprise in each and every box that you will have to order to get.  You are going to love it!  Also, when you order your subscription box you will receive 7 days’ worth of water infusion recipes created by Master Chef Jeanette herself!!!

You want to order this subscription box so place your order at and the first 50 customers will save 10% with promo code WATER10.

I’m very excited about this box, it is the real deal and there will be something in the box for everyone.

Have you ever tried green matcha?  What about cacao balls?


June Fit Snack Box Unboxing

Hi Femme Fitale Family, I’m back with another Fit Snack Box Unboxing.  I have to say, that since I’ve received the March, April and May boxes I have been eating more healthier and smaller snacks throughout the day so I am not coming home starved. I am loving it and I truly do enjoy receiving my box every month.  The family and I are snacking better for it.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you click and subscribe to this service.  All comments and opinions are very honest and very much my own.

June Fit Snack Box Unboxing thumbnail


Here’s a quickie on how this subscription box service works.  Each month you receive a box delivered directly to your door filled with healthy snacks and goodies.  Many of the snack items are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, low in sugar (or no added sugar), kosher and low in sodium.  There’s no junk in these boxes.

You can set up your subscription to receive snacks month-to-month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  If you subscribe for 12 months you get an extra box free. With any of these subscriptions you also get a FREE gym bag with your initial order.  I think that is very cool.

June Fit Snack Box


Here is my quick unboxing video I put together sharing what came inside.

Let’s check out what came inside.

Fit Snack Box June Workout

They always send a sheet with a workout and in this box they are sharing an interval workout full of sprints, jogs and walks.  NICE!

Fit Snack Box June Workout

On the other side of that sheet is the product list of everything that is in the box.  They also have discount codes and product order information if you would like to order more of a particular snack.

Safe Catch Tuna

Safe Catch TunaThis tune is a brand that tests every single fish for mercury levels.  It is sustainable, BPA-free, non-GMO and additive free.  Sounds pretty delicious if you ask me. I can’t wait to make some tuna salad with this.

Muscle Pharm Protein Powder:  I’ve read so much about these powders I can’t wait to try it.  They are designed and dosed specifically for active women.  Woo hoo!

IPS Egg White Chips

IPS Egg White Chips:  I have heard a lot of positive things around the blogosphere about these egg white chips.  I started chomping on the BBQ as you can see and I finished the bag in a single sitting.  These were good and I would buy them regularly to snack on.  Each bag contains 6 grams of protein and half the fat of fried chips.  They are also gluten-free and non-GMO.

Bear Naked Granola

Bear Naked Granola:  I see these in my grocery store cereal aisle all the time and have not had the guts to purchase a big bag and now I can try it to see if I like it.  I am very excited about these and they sent two interesting flavors Coconut Almond Curry and Sea Salt Caramel Apple.  Very exotic if you ask me.  YUM!

Coco Hydro and Coconut Palm Sugar

Coco Hydro Powder:  I was just saying to myself yesterday I need to make a smoothie with coconut water and voila this came in my Fit Snack box!!!  All you is add 12 oz of water and you have instant coconut water on demand.   What a great idea.

Bite Fuel Protein Cookies

Bite Fuel Protein Cookies:  These protein cookies look so good I wanted to just tear them open but I controlled myself.  There are 3 servings in this bag so don’t go hog wild and eat the entire thing in a single sitting because you will be tripling your calories listed on the bag.  There are 6 grams of protein per serving so this will definitely help curb cravings while satisfying that sweet tooth.

Sweetwood Cattle Spices

Sweetwood Cattle Spices:  Guess what we having tonight on our steak?  This vanilla and habanero pepper rub is something I am dying to try.  I can’t imagine those flavors together but I’m sure gonna try it and let you know how it turns out.

One Bar Fruit Bar

One Bar Fruit Bar:  This bar is a nutritional serving of fruit in every stick.  I like simple.

Coconut Palm Sugar by Big Trees Farms

Bonus:  Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar:  This is the big bonus in the box, a packet of coconut palm sugar.  It is one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners around and is highly nutritious.  I can’t wait to try it.

And that is what came in my June Fit Snack Box.  If you would like to try a box for yourself click the JOIN TODAY button below and let me know what you think of it when you get it by tagging me on Instagram @FemmeFitaleFitClub.

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Which of these treats do you want to try the most?

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The Secret to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Fitness weight loss goals

I love Disney movies. There are heroes and bad guys, and there is always a defining moment where the hero makes a difficult decision that changes everything. In Disney movies, defining moments determine the outcome of the story.

Life is not a Disney movie. There is no defining moment. The decisions you do make at crucial crossroads were really made slowly over many years by little things you chose to do or not to do every day.

Your health, fitness, and your success (or failure) in every part of your life is defined by the little things you do consistently every day for months and years – your habits.

Stop looking for “defining moments.” The bad news is there is no magic pill, secret exercise, ab machine, or miracle diet that is going to change everything overnight or even in a week.

The good news is getting the body you always wanted (or achieving any other goal you want in life) actually is not difficult, and anyone can do it.

The $1,000,000 “Secret”: Changing your habits changes yourself.  We are our habits.  Your body is a reflection of your habits. 

What is a Habit?

Habits are routines we follow automatically without conscious decision making.

Habit formation occurs in three stages:

Stage 1: The cue – an association that triggers the behavior

Stage 2: The actual behavior

Stage 3: The reward – a positive feeling that reinforces the behavior

In nutshell, a cue reminds us to perform an action. We do the action, and we get a reward.

Example of an unhealthy habit: Eating potato chips while watching television. Whenever you sit down to watch television, you will automatically start craving the potato chips. Potato chips were engineered to be addictive. Lays openly brags “bet you can’t eat just one.” The salt, fat, and carbs trigger pleasure in your brain.  Let’s break it down:

Stage 1: The Cue – Watching Television triggers a craving for potato chips

Stage 2: The behavior – Eating potato chips

Stage 3: The reward – The fat, salt, and carbs triggers pleasure in your brain​

Every time you perform the habit loop, it gets strengthened.  After a while, you will be miserable if a TV is on, and you don’t have potato chips to munch on.  Needless to say, this habit is very unhealthy and will make you unhappy with the way your body looks. 

How to Break Bad Habits

Now we know how habits work and how they are formed.  How do we break them?

First, it’s important to understand your bad habits.  Identify your cue, your behavior, and the reward that reinforces the habit.  Luckily, habits are pretty fragile and easily to break once we understand they need the cue, behavior, and reward loop to survive.  If we break any point in this loop, we break the habit.

3 Ways to Break a Habit

  1. Eliminate the Cue
  1. Block the behavior
  1. Eliminate the reward

In the example of eating potato chips while watching television, you could:

Eliminate the cue – You could stop watching television. For many people this would be difficult, but luckily there’s plenty of other ways to break the habit.

Block the action – Make a point to never eat while watching television. Watching TV will stop triggering food cravings after several weeks.

Block the action – Make sure unhealthy snack food is never handy near the television. One of my rules that I never break: I do not buy or bring unhealthy food home.

Remove the reward – Potato chips (and most processed snack foods) were designed to be addictive; if you eat them your brain will register a reward. Here’s some ideas:

​If you don’t like spicy foods, sprinkle cayenne pepper or dice up habanero peppers and mix them in the potato chip bag.  Your brain will quickly connect the painful spiciness with the chips, and the craving will disappear instantly.

There are countless ways to break habits.  Anything that disrupts the habit loop will work.  Be creative, but do not attempt to break a habit with will power alone.  It’s a losing battle.​

Don’t Rely on Will Power!

Do not fight habits with shear will power.  This is a losing battle.  Will power is like a muscle.  It fatigues and weakens.  If you attempt to break your habits with shear will power, you will most certainly lose.  You may succeed for a while, but as soon as your will power weakens, the habit will win.  Everyone has moments of weak will power.

How I Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Rule 1: I never bring unhealthy food that I will crave home.  If you don’t bring it home, eating it will not become a habit.

Rule 2: ​When I’m tempted by something unhealthy, I focus on how miserably I will feel 15 minutes after eating it.  I think about how it harms my body (and will make me fat).  When I focus on the “pain” of eating the unhealthy food, I will make the right decision.  If I focus on how good it will taste, I will cave in.

How to Build Healthy Habits

We know how habits work, and we know how to break bad habits.  How do we build good habits that we want to have?  We set up a habit loop of course!  We need a cue, behavior, and a reward.

​Example: You want to start exercising on a daily basis.  You want to make this a habit.  Remember, you need all three parts (cue, behavior, and reward) of the habit loop, or the habit will not be formed.  You must have habits working for you.  Will power alone is not enough.

Step 1: The cue.  You need a cue that occurs every day, and when it occurs, you do your exercise routine.  I exercise right after I get up in the morning.  This is very important!  You must set a specific time (cue) for exercising each day, or you will not develop the habit.  You will fail if you don’t have good habits working for you!

Step 2: The behavior.  Make sure nothing will impede or disrupt your workout.  Have your workout plan, clothes, equipment, and anything else you will need ready.

Step 3: The reward.​  It’s very important to reward yourself when building new habits.  Luckily, exercise produces endorphins which make us feel great, but for the best results, set additional rewards for yourself.

Be creative, but remember you must have a cue and a reward to build a new habit.  You must make exercise and healthy eating a habit or you will fail in your fitness goals.

When I Don’t Feel Like Exercising

Some days I wake up, and I really don’t feel like exercising.  I always think better after my workout, so I go ahead and workout and then decide whether or not I should have done that.

My Workout Reward

I drink a chocolate protein shake and eat some dates after working out (carbohydrates and protein ingested immediately after a workout are scientifically proven to improve muscle recovery and growth). I LOVE chocolate and dates are delicious. Honestly, sitting down, high on post-workout endorphins and enjoying the dates and chocolate shake after a good workout is one of the best parts of my day. It’s the little things in life :)

How to Change Your Life

​Pick one good habit you want to start or one bad habit you want to break and change it this week.  Start today.  Depending on the habit and the person, it takes anywhere between 3-9 weeks to form a new habit or break an old one.

Success in anything is accomplished by small but consistent improvements.  Can you be 1% better today than you were yesterday?  1% doesn’t seem like a lot, but a consistent 1% improvement makes a dramatic difference over time:

One Week: Nobody will notice the difference

1 Month​: There will be a noticeable difference

6 Months: ​There is a dramatic difference that everyone will notice

1 Year: ​You are a completely different person

One year from now you will find yourself where your habits have taken you.  Is that where you want to be?

This article was written by Kurt Boyd, fitness fanatic, and director of Strength Stack 52. Strength Stack 52 makes exercising a fun game that can be done anywhere with no equipment.  We have also recently developed Weight Loss Stack 52, a game that helps you break bad eating habits and replace them with healthy ones.

Meal Mondays: Shrimp Zoodles Marinara

Shrimp Zoodles Marinara Meal Minute thumbnail

Hey Femme Fitale Family!!!  I’m here to share a delicious recipe I am sure you and your entire family will love.  This recipe is sort of like a pasta recipe but with no carbs or gluten because the pasta is made with vegetables!  Zucchini to be exact.

I won a Paderno Spiralizer in a giveaway by Urban Naturale.  Once I won it I couldn’t wait to use it so I thought of something to make.  After attending a community festival in my town and saw a demonstration of how to make actual zoodles, I decided to make one of my favorite all-time dishes – SHRIMP SPAGHETTI but instead of spaghetti pasta, I would make my own with zucchini and thus, this recipe was born.

The Shrimp Zoodles Marinara dish is healthy, nutritious, easy, quick, gluten-free and no carb.

Here’s a quick video to show you how to make it.


  • 2 zucchini
  • 2 TB olive oil
  • 1 pound shrimp deveined and shelled
  • 2 garlic cloves diced
  • 1/2 sliced yellow onion
  • Salt to taste
  • Italian seasoning to taste
  • Bay leaf
  • Red pepper flakes to taste
  • Black pepper to taste


  1. Spiralize your zucchini and set aside
  2. Gather your spices
  3. Pour olive oil in pan and heat
  4. Saute your shrimp until almost cooked through (be careful to not overcook) and remove from pan
  5. Add your zoodles, sliced onions and diced garlic and sautee until the zoodles are al dente
  6. Add cooked shrimp to the pan
  7. Add remaining seasonings to pan
  8. Pour jar of marinara sauce to pan
  9. Heat through
  10. Remove bay leaf
  11. Plate, serve and enjoy!

Shrimp Zoodles Marinara

Bon Appetite

What’s your favorite pasta dish that you could replace with zoodles?


Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on an item or make a purchase I will receive a small percentage which helps to support this blog.  Thank you in advance for your support.


Hey Femme Fitale Family!!!!  I am super excited today because:

1.  Summer is HERE (Summer Solstice)

2.  Father’s Day is Sunday

3.  I have teamed up with some other awesome fitness bloggers to bring you the latest giveaway


The giveaway is for a $225 Amazon Gift Card!!!!!

It starts June 21 and ends June 23 and will be super easy to enter.  All you have to do is follow all of us on Instagram, like each of our posts with this graphic, tag a friend or two and then tap the photo to go to the next IG account until you return back to where you started.

For extra points you can come back and leave a comment every day of the giveaway and tag more friends – the more active you are the BETTER your chances of winning.

You can get a head start now by following these lovely bloggers in advance.  :-)

Femme Fitale Fit Club | The Fit Foodie Mama | MCM Mama | Tri-ing To Run Boston | Eat Pray Run DC | This Mama Runs for Cupcakes | The Healthy Fit Foodie | Runs With Pugs | The Frugal Exerciser

One lucky winner will be chosen and announced once the giveaway is over.  Once contacted, you have 48 hours to claim prize else a new winner will be selected.


Have you ever participated in an Instagram Loop Giveaway before?

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