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Work That Body #Workout

I visited one of my favorite people today who is helping me shape this body.  This is what we did.  Try it, you might like it.  Let's GO! Exercise Reps Weight Walking lunges shoulder press 20 30 lbs Squats with alternating bicep curls 20 30 lbs Backwards walking lunges 15 30 lbs Seated hamstring curl 20 70 lbs Diamond ...

Detox Restart

What I love about life?  As long as you have breath you have opportunity to turn things around!  Praise God for the many chances.  Anywho - I restarted my detox cleanse today by taking the initial 4 oz of my Detox Tonic by Chef Ahki.  As expected, the taste was bitter and lingering but since I knew what to expect it wasn't as shocking as it ...

I Scream You Scream We All Scream for OKRA!

This is how it went down today with my okra and me.  I picked it up at the Farmers' Market this morning and decided to roast it in the oven for a quick snack because I am hungry.  Want to know what I did?  Wanna here it, here it go. Ingredients fresh okra kosher salt olive oil Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Clean, wash, dry and slice ...

#Weightloss Before and Afters Part II

Let's try this again and inspire others to make the first step towards living a fit and healthy life!                  

Before and Afters

Who else gets inspired by before and after photos?  I know I do so thought I would share a few I found!  INSPIRING!              

Abs and Cardio Workout (30 minutes)

Do you want to change things up?  Do you want to push yourself?  Try this workout posted by Dionne Sinclair Fitness Model and tell me how you do by leaving me a comment! Let's GO!

Bootcamp Kick Butt!

Today I did it ya'll!  I survived my FIRST day of bootcamp with Monte Sanders.  His program is the Sanders Optimum Fitness bootcamp and it is no joke.  For years I have been hearing about it from my friend but never really paid that much attention to it since I felt my gym membership was enough.  Well I was ready to challenge myself and kick ...

Mason Jar Salads

Over in the Femme Fitale Fit Club group there is currently a discussion on the best way to pack and travel with green salad.  One of the members shared an awesome idea and while it may not be new to many of you, it is new to me and I love sharing what I consider great ideas so everyone can benefit. One of our club members packs her salad in ...

Butt Cancer

This article is pretty informative.  Read it HERE:  Frank Talk About Hot Dogs, Cancer.

Meal Monday: Thai Red Curry Vegetables Recipe

I originally saw this Thai Red Curry Vegetables recipe on EarthCandy's youtube channel run by my friend Jamila Crawford.  We went to high school together and who knew so many moons later she would blow up like being a celebrity chef and all?  When I saw this recipe I just had to try it and it didn't disappoint. [Tweet "This Thai Red Curry ...

Femme Fitale Does Youtube

I look a little crazy in the video (hey I work full time) but please enjoy and SHARE with family and friends.  :-)

Do You Need to Detox?

There is this amazing and dynamic person named Chef Ahki who is awesome.  Her public Facebook page is chock full of healthy lifestyle promotion.  She isn't judgmental - just factual with her information!  She offers a detox called the Essence of Vitality which has an online presentation explaining why we need this and how to use it.  The ...

Eating Healthy

I'm about to go on my mini world tour and eating healthy is always a challenge for me when I am off of my routine.  Here is a very good video by one of Femme Fitale's fitness idol who explains a very good way to trump that challenge and still have a good time while on vacation! I hope you enjoy!  

Breakfast Series

Are you ready to go on a breakfast tour with me and try out new and delicious recipes featuring Jennie-O turkey breakfast meat products?  Stay tuned! [slideshow]

In The Gym with Althea Thompson

I am super excited to share this very first "In The Gym" interview with all of you because it is about a person I find simply AMAZING!  Read on and find out why she is fabulous. FFF: Tell our readers about yourself. Althea: I am a wife, mother of 2, studio owner, Yoga & Pilates instructor, wellness professional, author, on-air ...