5 Tips for Healthy Meals for a Busy Lifestyle

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Who is looking for at least 5 tips for healthy meals for a busy lifestyle?  While life may not get any less busy, you can at least be prepared and make sure you still consume healthy meals.

We have all been the victim of being unprepared when it comes to food and hunger.  Among a day of work, running errands, working out, and the numerous other things life throws at you, we’ve all known the moment of epiphany that comes along with the realization that we haven’t had anything to eat yet today.

There is nothing worse for your body or metabolism than outright not eating; there is a reason that robbing your body of nutritional needs is not the recommended way to lose weight.

In fact, eating several well balanced meals a day will help shed fat, maintain your metabolism, and hang on to muscle mass when combined with an active lifestyle.

The problem, however, is that so many of us are too active, and in the wrong ways. We let family, friends, and work get in the way of our basic nutritional needs. Just because you live a healthy and active lifestyle does not mean you can’t benefit from delicious and nutrient packed foods on a regular basis.

The key is to make eating as much of a pattern as brushing your teeth in the morning or combing your hair daily. You just need to lay down a little groundwork so that you can benefit from healthy meals that work for your busy life.

Tip #1 – Portion out snacks

Portion out 1 size servings of things like pretzels, almonds, grapes, cheese, or whatever other snacks you love that will keep you satiated throughout the day. Rather than relying on your time late at night or early in the morning to bag your food for the next day, simply have snacks readily available to pop in your lunch bag or purse and keep moving without a second thought.

Tip #2 – Have a “Prep Day”

Choose a day of the week you would normally do your grocery shopping and give you a little extra time to prep for the entire week. This means cutting up fruits and vegetables and portioning them out in Ziploc bags or containers in your refrigerator (check tip #1 for snack suggestions).

This also means making a big pot of brown rice and/or sautéing some chicken in lemon and olive oil and steaming some fresh veggies so that you have easy go-to meals ready for you all week long.

Tip #3 – Always have food at your disposal

Don’t ever leave home with nothing to eat. Whether it’s leaving a granola bar in your car, a banana in your purse, or a bag of almonds in your desk at work, make sure you always have food available to you so that you don’t forget to eat and don’t go hungry.

Tip # 4 – Invest in a slow cooker

Dinner is always the most difficult meal to dedicate time. Use a slow cooker, this way you can make healthy cuts of lean protein like chicken breast and allow it to cook in its own juices all day with a variety of condiments, vegetables, or starches to pair.

As soon as you get home your house will smell like a gourmet restaurant and your whole family will be thankful for a home cooked meal, even though with your busy schedules.

Tip #5 – Fight the urge for indulgence or a “quick fix”

Allowing yourself to go all day without eating is the result caused by being unprepared. However, another side effect is that when we allow our bodies to starve, we go into survival mode and will gorge on the first edible thing at our disposal.

This is why drive through fast food restaurants are so appealing to the masses; don’t allow yourself to crave food by being prepared and you won’t have any urges to give in to.

Many days throughout the year you will be extremely busy with activities.  Don’t get caught short by not eating enough healthy foods to fuel your body for your busy schedule.

What tip(s) do you have for preparing healthy meals with busy and hectic schedules?


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