FFFC Balance The Scale January Challenges 2014

This year you will see something a little different.  Challenges will be presented in 3 categories:

1.  Physical fitness challenge

2.  Nutrition challenge

3.  Spiritual/Mental challenge

Optimal health and wellness is multi-fold so to help all of us develop into improved beings – we are using these categories for this year’s monthly challenges.  That means, every month a new challenge will be presented for each of these categories.  This should be fun!!!

Let’s get this month’s challenges STARTED!

Physical Fitness Challenge

Balance The Scale Total Body Monthly Workout

January 2014 Challenge Calendar

25/50/75 Mile January Run (click flyer to register)


Nutrition Challenge

No P’s Challenge

No Ps


Spiritual Challenge:  Find a reason to say THANK YOU to someone, anyone every day throughout month.

Femme Fitale Fit Club

Motivating you to Firm, Fit and Fabulous!

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2 Replies to "FFFC Balance The Scale January Challenges 2014 "

  • comment-avatar
    January 1, 2014 (7:14 pm)

    I love this post! I was just reading that it takes 21 days to build a habit, so cutting out the P’s for 30 days willl hopefully make me not want them at all anymore. Also thinking about spiritual part of this.

  • comment-avatar
    The Frugal Exerciser
    January 2, 2014 (1:58 am)

    I like your nutritions challenge. I might join you on that one but I will replace chocolate for pasta. I rarely eat pasta.

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