Day 2 – 31 Days to New Years December Challenge 2013

Hey everybody!  How is everyone hanging?  Day 2 is done and I am very happy.  I did over 400 squats in bootcamp so you KNOW I feel like I smashed Day 2 of the December challenge.  I also finished the 30 bicycles once I returned home from my morning workout.  Kept my shoulders up and focused on my abs squeezing together to maintain that crunch throughout the entire exercise.

I have also been taking my EOV faithfully but honestly – only took 1 oz yesterday in the morning and forgot to take it again in the evening.  The night got away from me.  I didn’t incorporate any cardio even though I really need to pick that up.  I completely fell off of running outside due to the cold weather here but must do better.


Who else completed Day 2 and ready for Day 3 today?  I’m ready how about you?

Motivating you to Fierce, Fit and Fabulous!

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