I Am Signing Up For An Iron Girl Half 2014

April 27, 2014

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I have been contemplating, thinking about and finally decided to sign up and register for the Iron Girl Half Marathon in April 2014.  That day is a very special day to me.  Twelve years previously I gave birth to my daughter on that special day at 8 pm.  Who would imagine eleven and a half years later I would be signing up to run a half marathon.

I came to this conclusion for several reason (being crazy isn’t one of them) but close!

1.  I know several inspirational women who are planning to do it – so why not follow their lead?

2.  I can run a 10K easy breezy so I felt like I need to take it to the next level

3.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and possibly move on to bigger races and events – who knows but you must start somewhere

4.  It is a GREAT accomplishment to say you ran and completed/finished a half marathon

I think the following reasons are reason enough.  I’m doing this for me and to add to my repertoire of achievement – not any other reason.  I am competitive but tend to compete with myself to get faster, better and stronger.  This is something I want to prove to myself.  NOW on to the next phase – planning.  I must plan my training, plan my nutrition and plan my strategy of how I am to approach and conquer this goal.

It’s funny because while I was out running with my pavement warriors this past week one of them stated I just need to sign up for a half marathon so that I will NEED to get out there and run in order to properly train for it.  What a profound statement.  All this time I have been running to well…..just to RUN and now I feel the need to move on so to speak.  Run to run because I enjoy it but also run to achieve some goals.  I tend to be task and goal oriented so if I have a goal and a plan, I can achieve it.

Nowwwww about that training – I am a wee bit confused as to which training plan/method to follow.  For ME I want to run the entire distance.  I can foresee myself stopping to gulp a cup of water because I refuse to run and drink (ain’t trying to choke on the course in front of all those folks) but that is about the only time I plan to do that.  I also plan (if they let us) to run with my running apps to collect those miles and track’em in my overall mileage on those apps.  Yeah it is sort of important to me.  Iron Girl has their own training guide/manual but I do not know if that is the best plan or not.


I don’t want to overthink it but I want to make sure I use the best plan FOR ME out there so I am prepared and don’t hit a brick wall.  Anyone out there feel me?  Along with my training I believe I need a special diet to make sure I excel.  Now that I think about it – I want to hit a personal best in this half.  I mean I want my average pace to be better than I perform on my shorter runs.  I can run 6 miles easily in 1 hour but I want a pace better than that for more than double the distance.  Is that too ambitious?  When I get focused there is no stopping me and based on some recent articles I read – hiring and working with athletes is some of the best things  company can do because of the traits that we embody.  Wait – did I just include myself when referencing athletes?  I may be getting ahead of myself but trust – I plan to do my very best now that I have wrapped my brain around the fact I am participating in the Iron Girl Half Columbia.

I want you all to share this experience with me – the good, the bad and the down right atrocious!!!  Yeah sometimes we have to hit BOTTOM to rise to the top.  I will be posting about my training experience once I officially start in January 2014 (perfect time especially since there are so many resolutions being made and folks trying to start the year on the right healthy foot).  I plan now to excel later.  I hope you find my journey interesting – HECK I hope it IS interesting.  I do not know what to expect but my mama always taught me to be the best and do my very best at whatever it is I put my mind to.

I’m excited!!!!!  What goal(s) have you made that you are currently working towards or recently achieved?  Leave a comment – I want to know!

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