FFFC May Flowers Challenges 2013

Hey everybody!!  April was a full month of challenges and May isn’t any different.  May is the month of Memorial Day and what a great day to milestone progress?  Don’t you all agree?  With that said, Summer is also upon us and if you have plans to do the great reveal for the summer then you have to remain committed and consistent throughout this month.  Don’t give up or be distracted.

If you need help with accountability feel free to request to join our online fitness accountability group by clicking “HERE“.  Consistency is KEY – so be with us as we all get fine for SUMMER and more importantly ourselves!

Please leave a comment if you decide to join us in this month’s worth of challenges.

Challenge #1:  Journal food and beverages as well as lose 5 lbs in May.



Challenge #2:  Drink 1/2 your body weight in water



Challenge #3:  Push Up Challenge posted on Facebook (click on the photo to see the full challenge)


Challenge #4:  Strong Body May  www.facebook.com/godinfitness



Challenge #5:  Plank Challenge  www.facebook.com/fitchallenges1


Challenge #6:  30-Day Squat Challenge


Challenge #7:  Plank and Squat Challenge  ohsofitspo.tumblr.com



Challenge #8:  5/100 Fitness Challenge  www.bootcampaerobics.com



And there you have it for the second month in Quarter 2 of 2013!!!  Time is flying don’t get caught short!  Who’s with us????   Leave us a comment on our public Facebook page which stays on and POPPIN!

Femme Fitale Fit Club

Motivating you to Firm, Fit and Fabulous!

Have fun with us online at www.facebook.com/femmefitalefitness

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