FFFC February Challenges 2013

Hi everybody!!!!  The ladies of FFFC are working hard to keep the body moving and were successful in completing many of the challenges set forth in January.  Now we are in the month of February and it is time to do it again with different challenges.  This month we have 4 challenges going at the same time and while you do not have to obligate yourself to all 4, sign up for at least 1 on of them.  These challenges were found on the internet and we decided these would be excellent for our group to participate in as well so we are doing them too!

This is the second and shortest month of the year so I know we can put the work in and commit to some activity daily.  Let’s all try to do something a little different this month and get out of our comfort zone.  Not saying your current workout of choice is easy but it may be your preference and something you are used to.  Let’s get it!!!!!

Challenge #1:  Crunch Challenge by Faith Fitness and Nutrition on Facebook  www.facebook.com/godinfitness


Challenge #2:  Squat Challenge by The Iron Angel posted by Faith Fitness and Nutrition on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/godinfitness/

February 2013 Challenge

Challenge #3:  Push Up Challenge posted on Facebook (click on the photo to see the full challenge)


Challenge #4:  Jillian Michaels “Whittle Your Waist” Challenge as posted by a fellow member of FFFC! 

And there you have it folks…whose with us?  If you are please leave a comment telling us which challenge you wish to participate in and then check in with us daily either here, on our public Facebook page which is on and POPPIN!

Femme Fitale Fit Club

Motivating you to Firm, Fit and Fabulous!

Have fun with us online at Facebook Facebook

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