Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe

I learned how to make this smoothie at the tender age of 13 years old.  I did not know it was considered a smoothie back then but it was delicious then and still today.  I have tweaked it from the original version by omitting the raw egg which is the version made in the South American country of Guyana.

If you are a Peanut Butter  fan…I think you will find this quite TASTY!

Leave a comment and let me know how you like it.


1.  2 TB of peanut butter (I only had a commercial brand in the house but use an all natural version)

2.  2 packets of Truvia

3.  1 cup of almond milk (vanilla flavored).  I used the almond/coconut milk combination.

4.  Handful of ice cubes (at least 5 cubes, add more if you prefer it extra frothy)

5.  1/4 tsp of vanilla extract




Add to blender until smooth, pour and enjoy.

Peanut Butter Smoothie

If you want to rock the smoothest smoothie ever get my most favorite blender in the world – Vitamix TurboBlend 2 Speed (affiliate link).

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