My Iced Tea

At the market I purchased some Goji Berry, Blueberry, Pomegranate green tea.  It smelled delicious and looked beautiful.  I mean it had this cobalt blue flecks in the tea which made me want to buy it.  I followed the directions on the package to make my own iced tea.

Step 1:  I steeped the tea in a bunch of boiling water

Step 2:  I let the tea cool a little bit

Step 3:  I added raw honey to the heated water and tea for a little sweetness

Step 4:  I squeezed a fresh lemon and added it to the pitcher for the iced tea

Step 5:  Poured steeped tea in the pitcher and place in fridge to cool

I only tasted a tsp of the tea but what I had was delish.  Also learned the colder it gets, the sweeter it gets!  Who knew?  I purchased the tea from Teaz vendor.  Their website is where you can purchase their teas online.  They all look fabulous but I wanted the benefits of the green tea which is why I gravitated towards those.  They also threw in a free sample of their oatmeal, milk and honey soap bar!  It smells YUMMY!

What types of teas do you like to make in the summertime?



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