Monte Sanders Optimum Total Body Boot Camp

Who has participated in a fitness boot camp?  I have never done it and am quite intrigued by the idea.  As many of you know I work out with a trainer 2 times a week and have been doing so well over 14 months.  Every now and again I feel like I need and/or want an additional challenge.  Not saying my workouts are challenging – but I like to change things up.

On Sunday night, I received an email detailing a free session of the Monte Sanders Optimum Total Body Workout Boot Camp being held at the Garrison Forest School.  They had 2 times someone could reserve a spot for either 5:30 am to 6:30 am (my fave) or 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  Due to the late nature of the notification, I could not participate in the 5:30 am session but contacted them during the day to find out if I could at least “watch” the 6:30 pm session since I would have to bring my children and not be able to actively participate.  These sessions require each person bring water, a towel, a mat and hand weights to use.

They agreed and off I went with kids in tow to Garrison Forest (which is a lovely campus by the way).  The session was held in their Athletic Center so by the time I arrived the group of thousands (lol actually about 100) were running around the gym.  You saw all kinds…short, tall, male and female.  It was VERY exciting to witness.  So I jumped up no the bleachers out of the way before we got ran over by an eager participant and just watched.

Monte Sanders is very positive and dynamic and encouraged and coaxed everyone through the routines which worked the heart with running, calisthenics, and abs (all sides).  This was the first 30 minutes of the boot camp.  Then he ushered everyone outside to the soccer field for various relays.

It is hot here in Maryland but bearable at 7:00 pm which is the time we went outside.  He directed the group of fitness enthusiasts through several running and walking series of relays which made it fun, interesting and different.  I saw two Femme Fitales Fit Club members out there WORKING IT OUT and I unfortunately left my camera and forgot to take pictures with my phone – ARGH!

Even though I had to sit on the sidelines I am extremely interested.  It costs $200 for 12 1-hour sessions which breaks down to approximately $16.66 per hour (what a bargain) and their next session begins August 6, 2012.  The 5:30 am session would be my session of choice and if I can workout some details – I definitely plan to do this!  I want to see how hard I can push with some different routines.  A month is just enough of a change I think I could use.

I did forewarn my trainer and she was cool with it which is why I like training with her!  So we shall see if I do it and I will share my experience with you guys.

Til next time – share your boot camp experience and any lessons learned or things I can expect.

If you are interested in checking out the boot camp yourself the website is here:

And did I tell you he offers exercise DVDs and has trained Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens?  Who wouldn’t want to work out with a celebrity athletic trainer?  I know I would!

Ray Lewis, the Ravens' 26th overall pick in th...

Ray Lewis, the Ravens’ 26th overall pick in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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