Workout Attire

When I first started working out I did not know any better and went for the cheapest items I could find from tops, bottoms, socks and shoes.  Now that I know that workout clothes should allow you to breathe (and cheap fabric doesn’t allow for that) I have begun studying my attire selections much more closely and realize what works for me as far as comfort and breathability.

I thrive in workout clothes that:


  1. Have wicking capability
  2. Are soft to the touch
  3. Allows for easy range of motion
  4. Can work for running or strength training
  5. Is colorful
  6. Can handle weekly washes without fading, ripping, tearing or staying musty


  1. Have wicking capability
  2. Is form fitting yet comfortable and allows full range of motion without restriction
  3. Makes me look slimmer than I am 🙂
  4. Can work for running or strength training
  5. Can handle weekly washes without fading, ripping, tearing or staying musty


  1. Allows the feet to breathe
  2. Is not made of cotton
  3. Does not cause blisters
  4. Remains soft after washing
  5. Can work for running or strength training
  6. Is colorful (the older I get the more colorful I like my gym clothes)
  7. Can handle weekly washes without fading, ripping, tearing or staying musty


  1. Supports my arches
  2. Feels like I am walking/running on clouds
  3. Allows my feet to breathe with ventilation
  4. Can hopefully last more than 6 months
  5. Is affordable (around $100 bucks)

Lululemon continues to be one of my favorite brands of gear.  They make quality attire for all types of workout regimens from yoga, to running, etc.  They have pretty colors and have thought of “everything” when it comes to designing their clothes to offer the ultimate in comfort.

While I was on my yoga kick I bought this top which I love wearing just around town or the house.  I think it is just the cutest thing.

Now with anything, you get what you pay for.  I find their price point to be a bit on the expensive side.  From a range of $ being cheap to $$$$$ wallet blowing, I would rate them $$$$ dollar signs.  If you can afford it, it is definitely worth the investment!

Now don’t get me wrong – I mix and match my gym clothes.  So the top may be Lululemon but the bottoms may be from Target.  Whatever I think doesn’t make me look like a complete HOBO in the gym is what I shoot for.  Now, if you can maximize your workouts looking like a all means – I won’t judge.  For me, as the body gets a little tighter, I find I want to show off its form a little more.  Not for anyone else but for me.  I do give the side glance and check myself out when I pass a mirror in the gym just to see what I think my husband sees and to detect improvements.

When working out – you should have on comfortable clothes because the workout itself may not always be so comfortable.  And if you can get comfort and a little style….I say why not.

I would not be  Femme Fitale if I didn’t go for a little pizzazz!

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