Running in beautiful weather with friends

So…I hit the pavement in my neighborhood today with a college friend who has not run outdoors in forever!  We started with a good warm up walking briskly up a steep hill and walking back down and then beginning the jog around the hood.  Now I must say – considering this is my friend’s first time running…she did extremely well.  Yes, we had to take some walk breaks but she kept a good steady pace.

Now….about 1/2 way through she began to complain and that is when I had to get a little stern with her (sort of how my trainer gets stern with me when I begin complaining).  She hustled it to the end.  All in all we ran/walked 2.27 miles which is EXCELLENT for a first timer.

I made her a fresh fruit smoothie so she would not immediately go grab a high-sugar bagel.  The smoothie had almond milk, 100% juice, mango chunks, strawberries, peaches and kale.  YUM!  The color wasn’t pretty but it sure did taste LOVELY.

I typically log my jobs/runs on runkeeper which is a wonderful app to log mileage, cardio activity and map your route.


My friend enjoyed the run so much (afterwards since she started to realize a sense of accomplishment) that we have a run date for next Saturday at 7 am again.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Have a great weekend.

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