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Butt Lift

Are you in need of a butt lift?  Well have no fear your solution is here.  No expensive or painful surgeries are needed - just good ol' hard work and dedication.  Below is a workout posted by one of the premier ladies fitness magazine out there - FitnessRx.  ENJOY! Butt Lift Workout Butt Lift Workout II  

I love to eat

Everyone who knows me well knows...I LOVE TO EAT!  I do not care the color or texture - I will try it.  I grew up with a multi-ethnic background so I can eat everything from Southern food to Latin American food doesn't matter to me.  With all of this eating it is imperative I am at least conscious of my portion sizes.  With that said I am ...

Running in beautiful weather with friends

So...I hit the pavement in my neighborhood today with a college friend who has not run outdoors in forever!  We started with a good warm up walking briskly up a steep hill and walking back down and then beginning the jog around the hood.  Now I must say - considering this is my friend's first time running...she did extremely well.  Yes, we had ...