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Core #Workout

Do you want fabulous abs?  Well there's some things you can do to make that a reality.  First head over and read how to get rid of belly fat for good. After reading that let me first share the parts of the abs these workouts will be working. Muscles In The Abs First and foremost abs consist of 4 main muscles.  They consist of the ...

1000 Abs Workout For Women

If you are working on those sexy 6 pack then this high volume 1000 Abs Workout for women is for you.  This one might have you not wanting to laugh for a few days. 1000 ABS FOR WORKOUT FOR WOMEN PIN ME NO MORE SADDLEBAG WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN PIN ME Try this on for size and share with us on how you feel afterwards by leaving a comment...

Championship Club Fitness

Has anyone ever tried their workouts?  INSANE is the first word that comes to mind!  I surf youtube constantly for fitness routines and this channel stood out to me.  Check them out. Championship Club Fitness CCF ABS Circuit - Trim And Flatten Hourglass ABS This workout is a BEAST!