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Bust Your Butt Workout

Exercise Weight Reps Walking lunges 40 lbs 12 reps Squats 40 lbs 12 reps Shoulder presses (palms facing each other) 40 lbs 12 reps Alternating bicep curls 15 lbs each 30 reps Kick backs 20 lbs each 15 reps Calf raises 40 lbs 50 reps REPEAT Box jumps NA 15 reps Wall sit NA ...

HBO Documentary – The Weight Of The Nation

I started watching the first of a 4-part HBO documentary which tackles America's obesity problem head on!  The first 2 parts aired May 14 and the last 2 air tonight.  If you watch, share your thoughts on it.

Look what came in the mail – The Bizzy Diet 21-Day Fitness Plan

Going through my email inbox I found a link to this web ad on which is a major website for those who work out with weights to build muscle.  There is a host of information on this site who are intense and intent on this way of life. I must have subscribed to something because I received an email which linked me to this page ...

Longevity Workout (FitnessRx Magazine)

Keep it fit by working this full body workout as instructed below.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained...Let's GO!

Shape Cardio Workout

Incorporating cardio into any workout routine is a very good bet as it revs up the metabolism, burns fat and helps to strengthen the heart.  I found the following routine in Shape Magazine which is one of my go-to magazines. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...Let's GO!  Leave a comment on how you felt afterwards.

Workout Attire

When I first started working out I did not know any better and went for the cheapest items I could find from tops, bottoms, socks and shoes.  Now that I know that workout clothes should allow you to breathe (and cheap fabric doesn't allow for that) I have begun studying my attire selections much more closely and realize what works for me as far ...

Annual wellness exam

Being healthy is more than just going to the gym or running around outside.  For all women, not just those of us who are a little more *ahem* mature for our age, we should make it a priority to get annual wellness exams to make sure we are maturing gracefully and healthily.  I got my results and I am very pleased to say according to the ...