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Butt Cancer

This article is pretty informative.  Read it HERE:  Frank Talk About Hot Dogs, Cancer.

Meal Monday: Thai Red Curry Vegetables Recipe

I originally saw this Thai Red Curry Vegetables recipe on EarthCandy's youtube channel run by my friend Jamila Crawford.  We went to high school together and who knew so many moons later she would blow up like being a celebrity chef and all?  When I saw this recipe I just had to try it and it didn't disappoint. [Tweet "This Thai Red Curry ...

Breakfast of Champions

This is my breakfast today made with 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white, Jennie-O breakfast sausage and 5-whole grain English muffin.  Very filling, simple and delicious.

Tour Of My Vegetable Garden

Today I decided to make a quick video to tour you through my vegetable and herb garden.  I planted these back in mid-May 2012 and they are coming along slowly yet nicely.  Can you say "HOME GROWN"?  Please leave a comment telling me what you are growing in your garden. Related ...

Eating Healthy

I'm about to go on my mini world tour and eating healthy is always a challenge for me when I am off of my routine.  Here is a very good video by one of Femme Fitale's fitness idol who explains a very good way to trump that challenge and still have a good time while on vacation! I hope you enjoy!  

I love to eat

Everyone who knows me well knows...I LOVE TO EAT!  I do not care the color or texture - I will try it.  I grew up with a multi-ethnic background so I can eat everything from Southern food to Latin American food doesn't matter to me.  With all of this eating it is imperative I am at least conscious of my portion sizes.  With that said I am ...