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Kettlebell Calisthenics Workout

Calisthenics and kettlebell workouts achieve many of the same goals, such as developing strength, enhancing cardiovascular endurance, and building lean muscle mass. Calisthenics workouts use bodyweight as the resistance to create a solid base of strength, and then use that strength to perform more advanced exercises on the floor, on a ...

100 Push Up Variations

Are you bored with doing push ups the same old way?  Well Mike Volkin, Founder of Stack 52, came up with an illustration of many more push up variations that is sure to get you working muscles you never knew you had. Which push up variation do you plan to try?  

FFFC Challenge #12: Perform Jumping Jacks Daily

Sets of Jumping Jacks Daily Jumping jacks is one of the tried and true calisthenic exercises that we ALL know how to perform since our gym days in high school.  They are excellent for heart conditioning, shoulders, back, arms, thighs and calves.  Also, they can be done ANYWHERE.   We are going with the basic jumping jack for this challenge but ...