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How To Build A Better Booty Without Squats or Equipment

  I’ve shared with you how to build a better butt while losing weight but for some of you, you want to focus strictly on building a better booty.  I realize some of you do not have gym memberships or a lot of exercise equipment, so this workout routine is for YOU! There is a false notion that the only way to exercise and get in ...

4 Little Known Ways to Get a Leg Workout at Home

We have all been there at some point: snow blocking the roads, sick child at home that needs pampering, car is in the shop, or probably the most common, I just don’t have the time today.  But you need to get to a gym to get a leg workout, right?  What to do? [Tweet "You don't need a gym to get a good leg workout in. Here are some exe...

Phine Body vs. Booty Boot Camp

I must admit I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta faithfully since well...since it started.  This season there are two characters who both came out with workout DVDs.  On the show one of the characters had plans to make a video about "donkey booties".  Her term for plump, fat buttocks which is a trait often associated with women of African ...

Booty Booster #Workout

This week is a theme.  Working on getting and maintaining a FIRM BOOTY!  So get to work and keep it firm!  Let's GO!

Big Booty Workout

If you want that round firm derriere - do this entire workout 3 times twice a week for 1 month! [Tweet "Get a firm booty fast with this Perfect Butt Workout. #bigbutt"] Who is ready to work for what they want?  Let's GO! //SHOP THIS POST// //

Butt Lift

Are you in need of a butt lift?  Well have no fear your solution is here.  No expensive or painful surgeries are needed - just good ol' hard work and dedication.  Below is a workout posted by one of the premier ladies fitness magazine out there - FitnessRx.  ENJOY! Butt Lift Workout Butt Lift Workout II