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No Future in Your Frontin’ Workout

This workout is one of my favs because I enjoy the multi-faceted usage of the cable machine. Equipment needed: Cable machine Balance ball Leg press Dumbbells First Set Exercise Reps Weight Cable machine –   squats, shoulder presses 10 10 Cable machine – squat   position, alternating shoulder presses 20 ...

Butt Lift

Are you in need of a butt lift?  Well have no fear your solution is here.  No expensive or painful surgeries are needed - just good ol' hard work and dedication.  Below is a workout posted by one of the premier ladies fitness magazine out there - FitnessRx.  ENJOY! Butt Lift Workout Butt Lift Workout II  

My Thursday workout with trainer

I have a wonderful personal trainer.  She works at Brick Bodies which is a local franchise here in Baltimore, MD.  She is inspiring and is a professional ballerina dancer. I enjoy working out with her and she is very knowledgeable about health and wellness.  I ask her a lot of questions and if she doesn't know, she will research and follow up ...