Guest Submissions

Guest Post

We love to feature fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, wellness coaches and fitness professionals on our blog.  We find information comes from any and everywhere.

Transformation Stories

Did you recently transform your body?  Have you overhauled your fitness program and nutrition to achieve the health you want?  Have you figured out your way to beat diabetes or turn things around from receiving a debilitating disease diagnosis?  Then we want to feature you and your story here on Femme Fitale Fit Club.  Contact me at to get the deets and include “Life Transformation” in the subject line.

Health and Wellness

Are you a health and wellness coach?  Are you a professional trainer who has helped many people improve their health?  We want to share your story with our readers.  Contact me at for more details.  Please include in the subject line “Health and Wellness Professional”.

Fitness or Running Blogger and Writer

Do you have your own fitness blog?  Would you like to guest post on Femme Fitale Fit Club?  We would love to have you.  It is refreshing to present another perspective in our forum and our readers really appreciate it.  Contact me at for more details and include in the subject line “Guest Blogger”.

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