Fall Back To Fitness Roundup

Fall Back to Fitness Roundup

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com

I am very excited to share with you my fall back to fitness roundup.  Summer was fun and relaxing but I must say while I exercised, it was sporadic and with new restaurants opening up in my neighborhood, they were calling my name and I had to try them out.

Now that Summer is over and school is back in session for my children it’s time to really focus.

I have a few fitness finds I want to share that I think you’d be interested in.  While I am the primary user of these amazing fitness finds, my athletic family can also use these products as well.

Let’s get into this round up and let me know which ones you want for yourself by telling me in the comments below.

Here is a round up of all the items received in the BabbleBox and I am certain all of you will be as impressed as I was with what came in this box.

Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray

Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray

If you are working out regularly you are bound to experience sore and crampy muscles and sometimes no amount of foam rolling or massage will help it go away.  That’s where Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray comes in.

It’s a fast-acting pain reliever spray and as previously mentioned, with all of the athletes in my home, we will get great use out of it.  I typically just deal with DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) but now I can use this spray instead.

It sprays on cold which in and of itself is relieving and then it goes right to work immediately.  It’s a keeper and has qualified to be carried around in the gym bag.

Have some aches and pains you want to eliminate, learn more about Tiger Balm HERE.

Follow them on social media:  IG @tiger_balm_us | FB @tigerbalmus | Twitter @tigerbalmus

AfterShokz Trekz Air


I enjoy cardio and what really keeps me going is the hype music I listen to.  Some make refer to it as power music or power songs.  The issue I always run into is the fit of the headphones.

Not sure what it is but the earbuds inevitably fall out of my ears, especially when I start to sweat.

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to receive the AfterShokz Trekz Air wireless bone conduction headphones.  They don’t rely on earbuds so no slippage.

I tried these headphones and this was a major score for me.  The sound was amazing because it uses bone conduction technology, yet I could still hear all the sounds around me in the room.  It wasn’t a distraction but allowed me to remain aware of my surrounds.

The fit was good.  No slipping or sliding even after jostling around because of my workout.  I am excited I FINALLY found headphones made for me.

Wearing aftershokz Trekz Air

I didn’t have to deal with wires and set up was very easy.  I simply held the volume button and paired it with my iPhone’s bluetooth.  Easy peasy.

It came with a carrying case, charger and earplugs in the event you do want to tune out the rest of the world.

Want to get a pair yourself?  Check out the order information below and the discount code so you save on your purchase.

Order information:  Order your AfterShokz here:  babbleboxx.aftershokz.com

Discount code:  BABBLE to get $55 off your purchase

Promotion expiration date:  This promotion ends November 1, 2018

Learn more about AfterShokz on social media:  FB  | Twitter | Instagram| Pinterest | @aftershokz

Go Comfort Insoles

Go comfort line up

As you can imagine workouts can be taxing on the feet and legs with all of the running, sprinting, jumping, and bouncing.  I found I’ve been experiencing my leg and foot cramps lately too.

One reason, I know I need to change out my workout shoes and the other is the cushions in them are wearing down.

That’s where the Go Comfort Insoles come in.  I have 3, All Day, Work and Athletic so I put the Athletics Insole in.

The Athletic Insole slipped easily into my running shoes and revived them.  Remember I told you the cushions in them are about worn out.

Go Comfort Insoles in my running shoes

They were very comfortable and my legs didn’t get tired which is a PLUS!

If you want to experience the same level of comfort with these insoles I’ll leave the order information below.

Order information:  http://www.gocomfort.com

Discount code:  GOcomfortBB20 to get 20% off your purchase + free shipping

Promotion expiration:  This expires 12/31/2018

Learn more about Go Comfort Insoles on social media:  FB and Twitter @GOcomfortably | Instagram  @GOcomfortably

Celsius Original Line:  Sparkling Kiwi Guava

Celsius Sparkling

I typically drink water before my workouts but since I received the Celsius Sparkling Kiwi Guava drink I decided to try it.

It was like drinking soda without the boatload of sugar.  It also gave me a nice boost of energy.  Seems like this could actually replace my BCAAs which I drink for the same reason.

That boost helped me push a little bit harder and go a bit longer than I normally would during cardio so I will definitely plan to keep this one in rotation.

You can learn more about Celsius Sparkling HERE.

This is a pretty nice round up if I do say so myself and perfect to fall back into my regular fitness routine.  I hope you enjoyed gazing at everything as much as I did trying them.

Which of these products do you want to try for yourself?  

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