Leave Them in the Dust with these Protein Tips

Protein tips to take your fitness to the next level

This year, women killed it at the Rio Olympics! Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles are just two big names when it comes to the power and prowess of 2016 female Olympians. But, how are they doing it? Hours of training is a big, obvious answer, but it also has to do with their diet.

Olympians have a well-rounded diet, but focus on protein foods. These foods are very important: they help build and strengthen bones, nails, muscle, hair, skin, cells, and enzymes. Of course, the bones and muscles are important for Olympians, but really, it’s important for anyone wanting to live a healthy life. Protein can also improve body composition, eliminate hunger, improve cardiovascular health, improve sleep patterns, improve blood pressure, and reduce body fat.

For women to have a healthy diet with protein, they should intake two daily servings for a total of 5-6 ounces of protein. It is actually pretty easy to do so.

Have Protein with Breakfast

Make sure that you eat breakfast every day.  Simone says that she typically eats Kellogg’s Red Berries or egg whites. Egg whites are filled with protein. There are protein powder form egg whites if you prefer shakes in the morning.

Eat Organic Proteins with Every Meal

Proteins come in many shapes, sizes, and forms: fish, poultry, nuts, whole grains, and beans. Proteins can be the entrée of your meal: baked fish or chicken. Or, it could be a side: barbecue beans or a piece of whole-grain bread. However, to maintain a healthy diet, make sure that 30% of the proteins you intake are lean. This includes fish, lean meats like chicken, beans, and organic dairy.

Have a Pre-Workout and/or Post-Workout Snack

Bananas and peanut butter are a good idea because they help with muscle cramps that you might get during your workout. Simone mentions that she drinks a recovery drink filled with protein. Protein drinks are great to have post-workout because liquid is a lot easier to digest after a good workout. Whey protein powders and shakes are some of the best on the market because of how effective it is with muscle building. They also provide antioxidants to help your body. The other option is to angel dust v2 your pre-workout with a supplement designed to accelerate your concentration and energy level to the extreme.

Vegan Protein

If you’re a vegan, don’t worry. You can still get your daily recommend amount of protein. Beans and nuts are the best way to go. Create your own homemade peanut butter or bean burgers. Use vegan protein powders and shakes for your pre- and post-workout snacks. Soy protein can even be found in dressings and soups. Soy protein are based on soy beans which have almost no fat or cholesterol, which makes it smart for those with heart or blood conditions. For those who have a milk allergy or are vegan, you can even get soy protein shakes anywhere for $9-20 a bottle anywhere from 10-30 ounces!


Always be careful about how much protein you focus on putting in your diet! If you consume too much protein on a daily basis, you are putting your health at risk. Remember, eat all things in moderation and make smart choices. Even Simone has a cheat day and eats pepperoni pizza after competitions!

If you get yourself on a well balanced protein diet, you’ll be leaving a lot of people in the dust because you’ve got the perfect amount of energy and strength to make it through the obstacle course of life.

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