January 2016 New Year Trim You Fitness Challenge

Hey Fitness Family!!  Welcome to the new year.  Who’s ready to tackle this year with not just promises but results?  I know I am so let’s get on with the details of this month’s challenge.

Challenge #1:  NEW YEAR TRIM YOU 7-Day Fitness Challenge

January 2016 New Year Trim You 7-Day Fitness Challenge creative

Cost:  Free

Fitness Challenge Kickoff Party:  January 3, 2016 at 8 pm ET

Start date:  January 4, 2016

End date:  January 11, 2016

Fitness Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

I teamed up with 2 amazing fitness vloggers (Sandra from The Sweaty Scoop and Ivanna from Petite Heartbeat) and we created the January 2016 New Year Trim You 7-Day Fitness Challenge.  For 7 days we will help you get through the fitness challenge with workout routines and daily check-ins.

We recorded some awesome workouts for you so you have full demonstrations of your workouts for the 7 days.  It’s all going to be on YouTube so make sure you subscribe to our channels so you get the latest workout of the day:

Femme Fitale Fit Club TV

The Sweaty Scoop

Petite Heartbeat

The calendar looks something like this:

Monday:  January 4, 2016 – Upper body with Sandra of The Sweaty Scoop

Tuesday:  January 5, 2016 – 30 minutes of cardio of choice and 100 ab exercises

Wednesday:  January 6 2016 – Lower body with Ivanna of Petite Heartbeat

Thursday:  January 7, 2016 – 30 minutes of cardio of choice and 100 ab exercises

Friday:  January 8, 2016 – Full body with Diatta of Femme Fitale Fit Club

Saturday:  January 9, 2016 – 30 minutes of cardio of choice and 100 ab exercises

Sunday:  January 10, 2016 – REST

That’s a pretty straightforward calendar don’t you think?

To also keep you going we have a little incentive.  We will be giving away a prize each day to the person who is active and consistent on this challenge.  It’s only for a week so we know everyone will be fully committed.

Daily check-ins are HERE and you MUST check in to be automatically entered daily for prizes.  Use hashtag #newyeartrimyou2016 and tag us @FemmeFitaleFitClub, @TheSweatyScoop and @PetiteHeartbeat so we can check out your progress plus enter you for the daily prize drawing!

I know you want to know who the sponsors are for the prizes.  It’s a pretty awesome list check it out!!!

Challenge Sponsors include Naked Me Tea, POPSUGAR, Fro Fit Kit, Snack Sack, Femme Fitale Fit Club and Thermos.


Infusion Water Bottle with Drink Tracker from Femme Fitale Fit Club (moi)

14-Day and Lose Me Teas from Naked Me Tea

Fro Fit Kit from Fro Fit Mom


Snack Subscription box from Snack Sack

Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid from Thermos


Sign up for the challenges by clicking the “Click here to register” button below and you will receive daily reminders of the workout for that day, encouragement, healthy tips, fitness information, motivation and find out who won the previous day’s prize drawing.


Challenge #2:  New Year, Trim You DietBet

New Year Trim You DietBet Challenge

Cost:  $25

Start date:  January 12, 2016

End date:  February 8, 2016

Register at:  http://dietbet.com/femmefitale

Fitness Level:  All levels

The 7-Day Challenge ends on 1/11/2016 but if you want to keep it going then join our New Year Trim You DietBet challenge which begins January 12, 2016 and ends on February 8, 2016.

This is where the rubber meets the road and made for those who need more than 7 days to really kick start new healthy habits.  The way this works:  you put in $25 and weigh in.  You have 28 days to lose 4% of your starting weight.  At the end of the 28 days you weigh out and if you hit goal you win back your $25 + a portion of the pot so you win money for losing weight.


I joined the game so I will be coaching us all through it with encouragement, healthy recipes, helpful health tips, you will already have the workout from Challenge #1 above and we will be grinding to get it done TOGETHER.  Straightforward yeah?

Invite your family and friends to join because studies show when you workout with a buddy or an accountability partner, there’s a better rate of success smashing weight-loss and fitness goals so grab a friend, sign up and let’s DO THIS.


I am very excited about these two challenges and hope they inspire you to jump right on in and focus on your health and wellness in the new year.

Accountability Group on Facebook

Accountability Group

If you don’t have family or friends nearby to keep you going join our FREE online private fitness group on Facebook and get with some likeminded folks who are pushing through to their fitness goals just LIKE YOU.  We are a community.

Join us here:  http://facebook.com/groups/femmefitale

Sorry guys this group is just for women. 

Check In

Take pics of you GRINDING out the workouts and your healthy food as you step it up for all 3 challenges and use hashtag:


Check in often especially if you want to be entered for the daily drawing of prizes.  Also tag me on IG @FemmeFitaleFitClub, Twitter @DSTPRL or Facebook @FemmeFitaleFitClub

Tools of The Trade

While most of our exercise routines only require body weight, if you want to take it up a notch I highly recommend the following pieces of workout equipment.  I own them and find them very helpful:

Yoga Mat

Gymboss Timer

Adidas miCoach Fit Smart Fitness Tracker

Hand weights

Your favorite running or cross-training shoes

Tips To Be Successful

  1. Everyone and their mother commits to a healthier lifestyle the first few months of the new year and then slowly fall off but we don’t want that to be YOU right?  So here are some tips to help keep you focused and on track.
  2. Drink less alcohol.  I like a delicious wine like the next person but imbibing frequently packs on extra pounds we don’t need.  Don’t cut it out completely, just cut back.
  3. Be adventurous.  Try new fitness classes and challenge yourself different.  You will begin to see positive changes in your body if you do.
  4. There’s no shortcut to greatness.  It takes hard work so don’t look for quick fixes (they don’t exist without super extreme behavior).  We are here to help you through it even when you don’t want to.  Accept it won’t be easy and get to work.
  5. Stay persistent.  You won’t see changes the first week of consistently working out.  It takes weeks and even months to begin to SEE changes but know if you are persistent and consistent, the changes are happening even if you can’t see them immediately.  It’s a process.
  6. Find reasons to be happy.  Speak lovely words to yourself on this journey.  No negative talk or being hypercritical of your body.  It’s beautiful the way God made it – we just want to tighten and tone a bit.  Love yourself and stay positive.

We truly hope you join our January 2016 New Year Trim You challenges because you deserve it.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  Participate at your own risk.  We are not responsible for injury, loss of limb or life as a result of your participation.  Always seek the advice of a physician before starting any new workout routine.  I am not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. I am a fitness enthusiast who is sharing what she has learned from fitness professionals from over the years.

What are you fitness goals this year?

What are your health goals this year?

What’s your plan to achieve them?

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