My First Taste of Pressed Juicery Ever

My First Taste of Pressed Juicery Ever #pressedjuicery #juicing #bottledjuice

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on it and make a purchase I make a small commission.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own honest ones.

Let me start off by writing, this post is a long time coming.  I first tried Pressed Juicery during Spring Break in 2014 while I was hanging out at my mother’s house with the children.  Yeah long time right?  While at my mom’s house relaxing I was checking out Sarahfit’s blog and she was talking about Pressed Juicery which has juicing stores all over Southern & Northern California it appears.  Well she went on to talk about how she likes to swing by their store when she is in LA and pick up some of their fresh juices especially when she feels it is time to detox her system.

Her blog story intrigued me because she talked about picking up their 3-day cleanse.  After reading about that and then floating over to the Pressed Juicery website I decided I would order my own juices and try them out for myself.  I also decided I did not want to commit to a cleanse because I was chilling at my mom’s house and she makes awesome Southern-style food but I did want to try some of their more popular juices.

What is Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery has a series of stores in California where they sell cold-pressed fresh juice, nut milk and waters.  You can also order their juice cleanses, milk and waters online too.  Here is an excerpt from their site:

The founders created Pressed Juicery with one goal in mind, to bring delicious, premium, and nutritious juice to everyone. They did it by doing things that many health and wellness companies often forget:

Make it taste great. Make it simple.
Make it affordable. Make it for everyone.

I went to their website, shopped around, reviewed the juices in their cleanses and then made a decision on what I wanted to order.  I ended up ordering 1 Custom Sampler which included:

  • Brazil nut
  • Greens 3
  • Roots 3
  • Citrus 2
  • Blueberry Coconut Pear
  • Vanilla Almond

All bottles came in 16 oz sizes.  My total order came to $72 which included S&H and I had everything arrive at my mom’s home in South Carolina.

Pressed Juicery juice assortment  #pressedjuicery #juicing

The shipping was really fast.  When you place your order it tells you what day and approximate time to expect the juice from Fedex and it was very precise.  My juices came around the estimated time on the exact day.  NOW my stepfather did not know what it was and left it on the counter for a few hours but no worries, it was tightly sealed and packed with some very cold and solid cold packs to keep it fresh while in transit.  I still cringe about it sometimes because what would have happened if I didn’t know he did that?  YIKES!

Well let me get into the review.

Pressed  Juicery Root 3 #pressedjuicery

As you can see this juice is made from several roots including beets and ginger.  I really liked this juice.  It was refreshing and didn’t taste too earthy.  I don’t really mind the earthiness of beets but I know some people do.  This juice did not have that taste.  The ginger also gave it a refreshing taste.  Thumbs up on this one.

Pressed Juicery Green Nut #pressedjuicery

This Brazil Nut juice was a special flavor they were running at the time and after checking their site, it looks like a regular now.  The key ingredient of brazil nuts reminds me of chomping on them as a kid.  That is what prompted me to add this to my sampler pack.  This juice wasn’t bad at all.  It has its share of greens including the kale, spinach and romaine.  It had a slightly heavier taste than the root juice but that is just because of the nuts I believe.  This did not have an overly green taste.  I know some of you are particular about that sort of thing.  🙂  Thumbs up for this juice or rather milk.

Pressed Juicery Citrus 2 #pressedjuicery

Look at the ingredients in this juice.  If this doesn’t look refreshing then I don’t know what does.  This juice danced off of my tongue and down my throat.  It was light, refreshing and a perfect alternative to the typical store-bought “orange juice” in the morning.  The mint really set it off in my opinion.  I shared this one with my mother because I wanted her to see how delicious it tasted.  The lemon sort of cleanses the palate so each time you take a sip, it’s like for the first time all over again.  This was my FAVORITE juice of the bunch.  My mom agrees.  This juice gets 2 thumbs up.

Pressed Juicer Almond Milk #almondmilk #pressedjuicery

I was very excited to taste their Almond Milk because one of the reason I bought my Omega VRT350 juicer is to make my own almond milk from raw almonds.  I haven’t done it yet but in the meantime I figured let me try theirs.  It is flavored with vanilla bean and sweetened with dates and this my friends made for a very satisfying drink.  I couldn’t finish it all in a single sitting.  I drank about 8 oz in one sitting and then finished it up hours later.  This was really satisfying.  Thumbs up all around for this one.

Greens 3 Juice Pressed Juicery #pressedjuicery #juice

This green juice was so delicious it made you not want the drinking experience to end.  It was very tasty, no overly green taste, even with the celery, and left you feeling full.  Again, I could not drink this in a single sitting.   I drank half and finished it up later.  This was a delicious green juice.  No need to be afraid of greens drinking this.  Thumbs up!

Last but not least the Blueberry Coconut Pear.  I do not have a picture of the bottle because I drank it FIRST because I was anxious to try the blueberry juice to see what it taste like.  This one was my LEAST FAVORITE.  It was bland, had no real taste and if you don’t mind bits of coconut meat to drink and chew one while you’re drinking it, you might enjoy it.  Unfortunately this one received a thumbs down.

And that is my first taste of Pressed Juicery experience.  Overall it was a very delicious experience so much so I ordered their 3-day cleanse the other day.  They were running a special of $149 + FREE SHIPPING (which ends on 1/10/20150 so I jumped on it.  I ordered it for a future date so it will arrive on January 30, 2015 and I will have that Friday – Sunday to cleanse my system.

I ordered it in that time frame for 2 reasons:  1.  my intense boot camp workouts end on January 29th so I won’t have to worry about sprints and feeling light-headed possibly from the cleanse and 2.  my weigh out for my DietBet challenge “Get Lean in 2015” is that weekend and I want to make sure I win back my $35 by cleansing my system.


I would give Pressed Juicery a 9 out of 10 star rating.  Their customer service is courteous and can answer any questions you have about the juice.  Their website is informative and gives you a lot of information on the juices/milks/water so you can make an informed decision, they have one of the most affordable shipping prices around and their shipping was fast!  I can only rate the juices and milks I tasted but overall I liked all of them except one. They were very filling and I did not suffer from a sugar rush that one might experience from store-bought bottled juices.

Final Verdict

You just might want to try this out for yourself.

My First Taste of Pressed Juicery Ever #pressedjuicery #juicing #bottledjuice


If you decide to try their juices leave a comment and tell me what YOU ordered (yeah I’m nosey) and what you think of them.  If you decide to do a cleanse let me know that as well and how your experience went.

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Last but not least, here is a YT video by Kayla Lashae i.e. AKAYDOLL as she shares her 1-day Pressed Juicery cleanse experience.

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