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2014 year in review makes me smile.  Just thinking about how much this blog has grown makes me feel extremely blessed.  I thank each and every last one of you who have visited my blog once or continue to check in from time to time for making it what it is today.  Because of YOU I have received some awesome opportunities.  In the end my goal is to make this blog chock full of information you can find useful along your fitness journey.

This blog grows, I grow, we all grow TOGETHER.  Now on to some of the more popular posts that helped take this blog over the top this past year.

Top 5 Featured Fitale Posts

Lets start off with the top 5 Featured Fitale posts which became a regular on this blog this year.  It all started with a question someone asked about how someone transformed themselves and from there, these posts just took off.   I find all of these women inspirational and they help me to understand that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.  Hats off to these awesome women.

  1. Featured Fitale – Tameka Gentles – I first heard of this Instagram sensation back in 2013 from the Long Hair Care Forum so I reached out to her and boy am I glad I did.  She is amazing!  Read her post and follow her on Instagram.
  2. Featured Fitale Jane Mukami – See Jane run.  She may be small in stature but she is FIERCE!  She was featured back in 2012 and her interview still manages to get hits.  She is a fitness professional and you can check out her site HERE.
  3. Women Who Box – Samantha Mellerson – I met Samantha at a child’s birthday party earlier this year and learned she had skills in the boxing ring.  I had to feature her on this blog and her interview did not disappoint.  I bet many of these hits are from her boxing buddies.  LOL
  4. Featured Fitale Olivia Montes – Olivia’s story is simply breathtaking.  She started well over 200 lbs and ended up around 150 at the time of this interview.  She continues to make strides and motivate others.  You don’t want to miss this amazing interview.
  5. Featured Fitale Risa Bledsoe – This stay-at-home mom shows us all how it can be done while raising children and managing a household.  She also found herself well over 200 lbs but now she can proudly say that is a thing of the past.  Read her story – you won’t be disappointed.

Top 5 Product Review Posts

  1. Product Review – Strava Run App – I’m not surprised this is a popular post.  Who isn’t looking for a good and reliable running app?  I met their team a few years back and have been a user of their app ever since.  Read all about it.
  2. Product Review Energy Bits – These little babies do not taste good if you chew so it’s best if you just SWALLOW with water.  But boy do they give you a boost, especially on those endurance activities.  Read all about it.
  3. Ninja Blender Review – I talk a lot about smoothies and to get a good smoothie you need an awesome blender.  I tried and reviewed my mom’s Ninja Blender so read all about it.
  4. Farmivore Juicing Box Haul 2 – I started using this organic product juice box delivery service over the Summer and I am still going strong.  This service is amazing and keeps it creative with their juicing recipes.  Read all about it.
  5. Product Review – Lorna Jane’s NOURISH The Fit Woman’s Cookbook – Oh wow this cookbook did not disappoint.  I still make the corn and red bell pepper fritters.  I also make the smoothie recipes because they are awesomely delicious.  Read all about it.

Top 5 How To Posts

  1. How to Lose Weight Without Exercise – Clearly folks wanted to know about these tips so this post blew up.
  2. The Top 5 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories – If anyone is working to lose excess weight then knowing how to workout smart is essential and this post delivered just that.
  3. Surprising Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight – I think we all know the answer but sometimes we just have to be reminded.  🙂
  4. How To Reduce Your Belly Fat by Ab Workouts – Stress is one place to start but there are some other ways to reduce belly fat.
  5. 5 Tips To Stay Motivated On Your Fitness Journey – Motivation is easy at first and then becomes more challenging as time wears on but this post shares some tried and true tips to keep your eyes on the prize.

Top 5 Featured Fitale Posts #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney #transformations

  1. In The Gym with Buffie the Body – She started as a video model sensation and transitioned into a fitness professional.  She shares a lot of good information so you definitely want to read her interview.
  2. In The Gym with Anowa Adjah – She is POWERHOUSE for real.  She shows how not fitting into any particular body type or mold doesn’t mean you aren’t healthy but just the opposite.  This woman is FOR REAL!
  3. In The Gym with Connie of Ripped Goddess – Connie of Ripped Goddess is so inspirational on her Facebook Fan Page it is contagious.  She keeps the powerful fitness motivation going day after day, post after post.  I had to tap into why she does what she does.
  4. In The Gym with Cassandra Sawyer – What can I say about Cassandra?  She shows you how to be a woman who can do and have it all with a little planning.  She also set her sights on a goal to compete and smashed that goal and showed the world she is a force.
  5. In The Gym with Tonya Williams – When Tonya’s post went up I swear she had her own fan club come out and support.  She was shown so much love by her clients it is clear why she needed to be featured on this blog.  She helps people.  LOVE HER!!!

Top 5 Workout Posts

  1. Core #Workout – Who doesn’t want flatter abs?  I found this workout on the Internet and shared it with my readers.  You all continue to reference it.  
  2. Jill Fit At-Home #Workout – I started following her a few years ago and she has brutal workouts that are really effective.
  3. Abs #Workout – More core workout for ya and you obviously loved it.
  4. Big Booty Workout – If you want a firm rump, this workout will do the trick.
  5. Waist Trimmer #Workout – Trimming that waist helps make your physique stand out and also ensures you aren’t carrying excess weight which causes a host of health issues.  Keep it up.

Top 5 Challenges Posts

  1. FFFC March Madness Challenge 2013 – Apparently no one cared about the year.  If the challenge was needed, you did it.  I love it.
  2. October 2014 Challenges – We had the Little Black Dress challenge in this month PLUS a giveaway so you all responded really big.
  3. FFFC May Challenges: Chalene Johnson 7 Day Challenge & Arms 2014 – Chalene Johnson is the truth and her challenge along with one to develop the arms won everyone over.
  4. March Madness – Challenge Your Diet Calendar – This challenge is simple but effective.  Each day of the month you were charged with a focus-area with your diet.  You all loved it.
  5. FFFC May Flowers Challenges 2013 – Again, a 2013 challenge that was popular in 2014.  I love that you see what you want and just DO IT.  That’s how it should be.

Top 5 General Posts #fitnessblogger #lifestyleblogger

  1. Fitness Idol Jillian Michaels – She is one of my biggest fitness inspirations and many of you agreed.  Several of you clicked to see her before and after and many more just wanted to read any and everything about her.  Glad you did.
  2. Workout Wednesday Link Up – This is the general announcement of our very popular Workout Wednesday Link Up that happens…well every WEDNESDAY.  Bloggers come from all over to participate and if you are one we hope you do too.  This continues to be a very popular post week after week.
  3. Fitness and Running Blog Directory – As a perk for participating in our weekly link up each blogger is able to submit a link to their blog in our directory.  I pump it out on Twitter, etc. multiple time a month so everyone can get some love from some unsuspecting new fans!
  4. The Top 19 Funniest Memes – This was a guest post by my friend Michael Volkin of Stack52 but it continues to provide much needed humor to this thing called life.  I suspect it will continue to make folks laugh months and years to come.
  5. Is The Winner of “Biggest Loser” Too Much of a Loser? – This was controversial at the beginning of the year because many wanted to know if the winner of The Biggest Loser lost too much weight.  This continues to be an intriguing topic which is why this made the popular post list for 2014.

There you have it gems and gents.  The top posts on this blog in 2014.  Several of these posts were published well before 2014 but obviously still piqued interest by many of you.  I hope you stick around for what we have in store for 2015.  Not only do we have more of these posts, we are working to bring you more information to help you along your fitness journey whether it be motivation, equipment, gadgets, meal plans and recipes and the like.  We had a blast in 2014 and we are only growing and getting better.

Stick around because the BEST is yet to COME!!


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