November 30 Day Arms Challenge 2014

Anyone else excited about the month of November?  October was great and we ended it with a blast of CANDY SUGAR RUSH if you enjoyed your kid’s Halloween candy but it is time to really stay focused.  The air is getting crisper and sometimes that makes you want to stay in bed vs getting up and out the door to work out but don’t fall for it (catch the pun).  We are headed into the holiday season which means more food, more food and even more food so stay ahead of the carve.

We are keeping it simple this month with only a single challenge to keep us focused.  That challenge is the 30 Day Arms Challenge.  I chose this challenge because we women tend to complain about not having much upper body strength and this is sure to build it up.  If you stay consistent for the entire 30 days you will definitely be stronger than when you started.  Also we want our arms to really POP as we show off our little black dresses at the holiday parties.

In order to keep you going and motivated  do the following:

FIRST:  Join our private group here: and interact with a bunch of motivated women who are some of the most encouraging I’ve ever met!!!

SECOND:  Get ready for an amazing arm challenge MONTH.  Expect to be challenged, encouraged and accomplished.  Also push yourself and don’t hold back.  I know you can do it.

THIRD:  Do this challenge with us and interact on a regular basis so we keep each other going.

Keep a few things in mind:

  • Maintain your normal workout regimen just add this arms challenge to it
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Track your eating with MyFitnessPal and send me a friend request to (Diatta)
  • Try to be active every day with low and high intensity activity

Challenge #1:  30 Day Arms Challenge

Post videos and pictures of how strong your arms are getting on our Facebook Fan Page/Instagram/Twitter and tag me at  Facebook @Femme Fitale Fit ClubInstagram @FemmeFitaleFitClub or Twitter @DSTPRL and use hashtag #Arms30 so everyone in this challenge can find you and cheer you on!!!  While you at it – LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too – I sure would be grateful.  😉

30 Days Arms Challenge

I’m excited that we all will come out with some BANGIN’ GUNS!!!

And there you have it folks.  Leave a comment below if you are IN as well as in our private Facebook group here:

For extra tips subscribe to our Facebook page which stays on and POPPIN!


I have linked this post up to the Fit Dish Link Up with Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch.

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