#FitnessFriday – Consistency Is Key

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This week was a great week of workouts I must say. Since I am completing Week 2 of the DietBet challenge it is imperative I stay as active as possible to burn calories and ultimately lose the excess 5 to 6 lbs set as my goal. I did take a rest day on Thursday but other than that – I stayed consistent with some sort of workout. Check out my day-by-day rundown below.

While exercise is good, it is only one component of the equation. Diet is the other side of it and I need to work on that. I will say though one accomplishment in that area is I started tracking my calories burned from exercise, meals and beverages in MyFitnessPal. It is very eye opening to see how those calories from food and drink add up. Check back during next week’s #FitnessFriday where I will share how I am doing with the eating thing.


I ran my heart out with BGR! Baltimore. I had meant to wake up earlier to get an earlier run in but that didn’t happen. No problem – the wonderful ladies of BGR! Baltimore run at 5:30 am so I was able to join them. We started off and I found my “rabbit” – the person who was setting the pace and let me say, she was MOVING. At a certain point I thought I was just going to stop and walk but I kept at it. We ran a little over 3 miles and were back to our cars by 6:10 am!!! I was happy because the reason why I tend to run at 5:00 am is to get done in time to get home, make lunches, shower, etc.   It was a good run and I felt really strong.

Friday Run with Black Girls Run Baltimore


I did my Sanders Optimum Fitness Online Boot Camp workout after I ran 1 mile on the treadmill. It was good and I felt strong through the entire workout. We went back to abs city so it was a lot of abs and cardio intervals. I finished strong.

Sanders Optimum Fitness Online Boot Camp


I worked out with my trainer Heather and we did the below workout. Try it for yourself based on your fitness level (modify if necessary). As you can see she kept us moving throughout the gym and she really changed up the weights for me. She had me hauling 15 lb weights for all of these exercises calling for it. PHEW!

Lunge & Squat Workout

Disclaimer: This workout was created by a certified trainer based on my current fitness level. Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program


Seriously – I was going to sleep this one out and stay in the bed. But then a gnawing feeling came over me and I got up, checked my phone and realized one of my girls was on her way to run at 5:00 am by HERSELF! I couldn’t let that happen so I text her that I was coming and we met up at 5:30 am to run with BGR! Baltimore. It was a nice 3+ mile run and I did better than what I set out to do so I felt it was a win-win for both of us (she didn’t run alone, I got in some much-needed activity).

Run with BGR! Baltimore



And on another note, Target has some pretty awesome fitness clothes and activewear on sale so you know if I find it I definitely want to share with all of you!!!  Check out these tops and bottoms (all on sale).  If you have been reading this blog for a little bit you know I love purchasing my fitness and running gear from Target so what are you waiting on, start shopping!!

What did your workout week look like?  

What do you think went well?  

What do you think you could have done differently?

Would you buy any of these Target outfits?


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