July DietBet Challenge – Lose Weight In 4 Weeks

Femme Fitale Dietbet

Don’t worry about the word Diet in DietBet ~ This is not a deprivation challenge.

I have been seeing several DietBet challenges going on for the past year and was always hesitant to join one.  Basically because it involved putting a pre-determined amount of money in a “pot” and chances of getting your money back, plus some, depended on my willpower to lose the target percentage of weight in 28 days.

It has been no secret, if you have been following this blog or my social media channels for a minute, that I get the workouts and runs in – but the issue I have is food and drink consumption, portion control and calories.

So when the team at DietBet contacted me about hosting my very own challenge (they must have realized my struggles too) I decided to host one so I could overcome my food issue once and for all.  I asked my friend and fellow fitness blogger Sheila Simmons of The Frugal Exerciser to help and she happily accepted.

I figured contributing money to the pot to try and win it back PLUS some was just the incentive I need to win this battle with food because I don’t like leaving money on the table, or in the pot in this case.  J

So how can you participate in this challenge too?  Watch this quick video and keep on reading the details below because we would love it if you would join Sheila and me in this challenge because these challenges tend to be more effective with a group of people.


As an extra incentive to sign up for this challenge, we are giving away a $25 Whole Foods gift card to the person who refers the most people to this challenge.

So ask your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances to sign up too.  The more the merrier!  Email me with the names of the people you referred at Diatta@femmefitalefitclub(dot)com.

[insert video here]

Here ‘s how this will work:

  1. Challenge:  Lose 4% of your starting weight in 28 days
  2. Register and official rules here:  http://dietbet.com/femmefitale
  3. Bet amount:  $25 is added to the challenge pot
  4. Official start date:  Monday, July 14, 2014
  5. Official end date:  Sunday, August 10, 2014
  6. Weigh in date:  2 days before official start date
  7. Weight out date:  No more than 2 days after the official end date
  8. Open to men and women 18+

The MORE the merrier so invite family, friends, strangers off the street, and co-workers to join via social media or email.

Use hashtag #dietbetfemmefitale so I can find it.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Two days before game begins you will be prompted to weigh in on July 12.
  2. Weigh in and take 2 photos of you in Airport Security attire (no shoes, no bags, no keys, no belt, etc.) on the weigh in date and upload to the challenge
  3. Also take a photo of your weight while standing on the scale with the secret word in the picture and upload to the challenge (you can choose to keep your weight confidential)
  4. Play game
  5. Weight out and 2 submit photos of you in Airport Security attire and weight on scale no later than two days AFTER the game ends on August 10.
  6. 48 hours after the game ends payout occurs if you win the challenge

Challenge Tips:

  1. Get or stay active
  2. Eat clean
  3. Get plenty of rest
  4. Do not starve yourself

Other Details:

  1. We will be sharing clean eating tips
  2. We will be sharing exercise routines
  3. We will be providing motivational quotes to keep us going
  4. We will keep it FUN!

Questions?   Email me at diatta@femmefitalefitclub.com and lemme know!  Now get yourself signed up and invite your family and friends.  You could win a $25 Whole Foods Gift Card!!!

Do you plan to join this DietBet challenge?

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