Fit Day Our Day and #Giveaway

What can I say?  Several of my boot camp sistahs showed up and showed OUT this morning at the New Town High School track to put in some work!!!!  Two of our sistahs even brought friends!  I can’t tell you how good it felt to put in the work outside on a gorgeous day with a nice breeze blowing to cool us down.  When we first arrived there was an inordinate number of folks already there.  We arrived at 8 am and while I know it is a popular track, I was not expecting as many already there.

My group gets situated and we are ready to start our 1-mile warm up and right when I begin to take off I hear my name “DIATTA”!  I stop, turn, squint and notice it is a bunch of folks from work (including my boss) on the sidelines cheering runners on the track on.  I wave and get my 1 mile in and once I stop and go over to chat for a few before the others finish up I find out they were hosting a 5K race there at the track!  I thought pretty cool, and why did you not invite me (LOLOL!) but hey – can’t be everywhere and I already had this Fit Day planned with my sistahs.  I get back to my group and THEN it begins.  Here is all we did and if you try it – let me know how you do.

  1. 1-mile warm up run
  2. 100 jumping jacks
  3. 10 push ups, 1 minute speed jump rope (repeat 3 times)
  4. Back peddle 50 meters
  5. Skip 50 meters
  6. Oblique twists 50 meters
  7. Jog 50 meters
  8. 30 second straight-arm plank, 30 second elbow plank (repeat 5 times – rest between sets)
  9. Side squat shuffles 50 meters
  10. Walk on toes 50 meters
  11. Forward walking lunge with shoulder presses 50 meters
  12. Walk on toes 50 meters
  13. Backward walking lunges 50 meters
  14. Walk on toes 50 meters
  15. Dynamic shuffle squats 50 meters
  16. Walk on toes 50 meters
  17. Walking alternating bicep curls 50 meters
  18. Walk on toes 50 meters
  19. Walking tricep kick backs 50 meters
  20. Walk on toes 50 meters
  21. Walking hammer curls 50 meters
  22. Walk on toes 50 meters
  23. Walking front raise, lateral raise – right
  24. Walking front raise, lateral raise – left

Then we were DONE in about 1 hour!!!!  It was an awesome workout and everyone gave it 150% so I am proud of everyone for not quitting, sticking it out, putting up with me and WORKING IT!!!!!!!


I can’t wait to do it again!

Apparel:  Under Armour shirt, Under Armour capris, Asics Gel-Kayano 18 running shoes, Nike+ running app, Polar FT4 HRM

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