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I know I don’t want to be a complainer.  During yesterday morning’s workout – I didn’t complain but I did cut eyes a few times.  You know – trying to get my head in the game.  Sometimes it can be a real challenge.  I got it in within 30 minutes though and Heather kept me moving.  Wouldn’t you know right when I started my workout I realized I didn’t have on my Polar FT4 HRM?  DRAT!  So I do not know how many calories I burned but I do know she kept me moving.

Equipment needed:

  • Cable machine
  • Weight plates
  • Bench


Champion Workout
# Exercise Reps Weight
1 Cable   machine – standing chest press 20 40
2 Push   ups alternating superman 10 NA
3 Push   ups alternating spiderman 10 NA
4 Mountain   climbers 30 sec NA
5 Cable   machine – backward lunge with row 20 40
6 One   leg squat – left 15 50
7 One   leg squat – right 15 50
8 Left   leg step up front raise 15 10
9 Right   leg step up front raise 15 10
10 Left   leg forward lunge front raise, backward lunge lateral raise 15 10
11 Right leg forward lunge front raise, backward lunge lateral raise 15 10
Done in 30 minutes

Disclaimer: This workout was created by a certified trainer based for my current fitness level. Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program

So let’s GO! Please leave a comment if you decide to perform this workout and please rate this workout. My trainer wants to know. 🙂

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