Family Road Trip 2013

I had a very eventful weekend this past weekend which started bright and early on Friday, May 10th. You see my nephew and niece were graduating this past weekend at two different colleges in two different states (North Carolina and Virginia). My husband and I packed up the family to get ready for this whirlwind graduation marathon which is what we like to call it.

Now when we road trip we always pack some snacks for the kids primarily. Every now and again my husband dips in it. I rarely dip in it. I packed a bunch of “junk food” I will admit. Capri Suns, fruit rollups, two Coca Colas, chips, one turkey sandwich (we ran out of bread and turkey) and Cheez-ITS because my son has a love affair with these things. So you can see it wasn’t the best or healthiest. I just threw what we had in the pantry into the cooler and off we went.

I drank about 32 oz of my delicious green smoothie to nourish my body before trekking on this family road trip and it held me pretty good for a few hours. We started off down I-95 in Maryland and crossed over into Virginia and then IT happened…..we hit the famous traffic at Fredericksburg, VA! I know every city deals with its level of traffic but seriously – this traffic is UNREAL!!!!! We left at noon, hit this traffic about 1 1/2 hours later and stayed in it for like 3 hours (NO LIE)! So we tried to get creative and exit off and take Route 1. Well that wasn’t any better because that was as slow as molasses and had a bunch of cars on it too.  I mean basically Route 1 was a parking lot.

Now the kids,  hubby and I are getting hungry.  I didn’t want anything packed sooooooo what did we do?  Go to McDonalds.  I should have made better choices but I was starving 3 to 4 hours later so I got what I knew I would eat (the #4 – 2 cheeseburgers, 1 medium fry and 1 medium Coke).  I don’t even want to know the calorie count.  They actually have nerve to post it now on the menu.  Alright, let me woman up..let me post it here.

Cheeseburger – 300 calories per burger.  I had 2  🙁

Medium French fries – 380 calories

Medium Coca Cola – 200 calories

So because I did poor planning I consumed 880 calories in a single sitting!  EEEEEK!  And you know what folks?  I did this again on Saturday because we were up late, woke up early again to attend the 8 am graduation service at North Carolina A&T and then had to hit the road to go to Hampton, VA.  We were hungry again after graduation and cleaning out my nephew’s dorm so 6 hours later we are back at McD’s (it was close and on the way to the highway) and I ordered the same thing again).  My kidneys and liver hate me for it.  Let me just say folks McD’s 2 days in a row is NOT the way to go.  Just don’t do it.  Matter of fact don’t let yourself get so hungry that you just grab anything close and in sight.

I am proof positive it is NOT the way to go.  I had gas the rest of the trip.  I know I know – TMI but it is true.  I tried to clean it up by eating a green salad at a restaurant later on that night around 10 pm but once I hit the hay at midnight – my stomach was bubbling again and it pretty much kept me up all night.  I was not a happy camper and neither was my stomach.  I was sluggish, lacked energy and was still hungry.  Fortunately we were staying at my mother-in-laws the second night so she made us eggs and corned beef hash (yes I know high sodium) but the saving grace was the banana strawberry smoothie she asked me to make with the fresh fruit she had in the house.  I more than happily obliged and again my body felt the rush of nutrients hitting the spot!  My body was craving it.  It helped me sit through the second graduation which was outside and started with a downpour of rain.  We then went to Lone Star for dinner afterwards around 3:30 pm.  I had the filet mignon, grilled shrimp, steak fries (yeah I know) and steamed broccoli!  I had to get a veggie in there.  I shared some with my kids to get some greens in their system too.

We then got on the road and trekked home at 7 pm.  And it was a long drive home.  283747_10152894758350495_1807824960_n  We didn’t get home until about 11:44 pm!  We had a 7:45 am appointment the next morning so guess what?  Not enough sleep again!  I went to bed around 12:20 am and it was sound sleep but then my alarm woke me up at 5:45 am, I turned it off and eventually got up at 6:20 am.  To start the rat race all over again.  If you ever feel you are going to have a weekend like I had don’t get caught in the trap like I did.  Here are some tips for road tripping:

1.  Prepare for your trip by packing fresh fruits and veggies as snacks

2.  Don’t let yourself get starved so keep healthy snacks on hand like almonds, raisins, etc.

3.  Stay hydrated – I didn’t do enough of this.  Ditch the soda and bring bottled water with you on the road.  You are going to need to stop but I have small kids and had to stop anyway.

4.  When eating out at a restaurant, incorporate their salad or low calorie choices.  It’s still going to be more calories than you would consume if you cooked yourself but it will be better than their more decadent dishes.

5.  Relax and don’t stress over traffic, fear of being late, etc.  Stress may make you do things or make choices you wouldn’t ordinarily  make like eating at McD’s 2 days in a row.  UGH!

Summer time is company and family trips and more graduations are on the way so don’t plan to fail or else you PLAN to FAIL!

Here are some photos from the graduation.  We had a great time and the U.S. Surgeon General spoke at my niece’s graduation.  She talked about ACA and it went over many of the graduates’ heads but she eventually applied it to their daily lives.

Silly son at NCA&T graduation

Silly son at NCA&T graduation

Hampton Graduation

Hampton Graduation

Outside at the Hampton graduation

Outside at the Hampton graduation


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