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I woke up at 6:30 am because since I normally wake up at 5 am my body is just used to being up.  Not a bad thing just an observation.  I sent out an invite earlier this week about a Worthington Overlook Run with the ladies of Femme Fitale in the private group as well as on the email distribution list.  I received 2 RSVPs.  One person showed up, one person was tentative and didn’t show up and surprisingly one person who didn’t RSVP showed up.

We took it outside and it was ON at 8 am.  Last year I tried to schedule 7 am runs but folks weren’t really feeling it – especially after a long and hectic work week.  I prefer early morning activity but I can definitely compromise with an 8 am run.  Plus the weather broke and it is gorgeous outside (not too hot or cold) so it was perfect for a run.

I suited up with my UA running jacket which helps to protect me from the elements along with my Wahoo Fitness HRM.  I now use 2 running apps when I run outside (Nike+ and Wahoo Fitness).  Together they make the complete perfect running app to me.

I started out with just the single person who RSVPd and showed up.  About 1/2 mile into our run my phone rings which interrupts my music and the other young lady is at my house about .75 miles back.  LOL.  She asks what I am doing and I tell her “RUNNING”.  She is so hardcore she tells me to keep running and she will catch up to us – it will push her to run faster so she can catch us.  I LOVE running with her because she does push the limits and really helps us to push each other.  She is NO JOKE!

We get to the first corner of the run and while my pace is faster than the first young lady, I waited for her at the corner and did 50 jumping jacks.  Gotta keep that heart rate up right?  Then a passerby pulled over to ask me for directions.  LOL!  Once my neighbor caught up to me I told her I was sprinting up the hill of the next leg.  She told me to go on with my bad self and she will meet me at the next corner.

So OFF I went and sprinting up that hill felt really good.  Boot camp definitely has me STRONGER with better endurance.  I then waited for my neighbor at the next corner and we walked the full length of Owings Mills Blvd.  Right past Bonita Ave. my 2nd neighbor who was running to catch up caught up to us.  Once we crossed over Owings Mills Blvd to come back in the neighborhood – we ran that final leg up Gwynnbrook into our neighborhood.  Then we walked it home.

It was a beautiful day, great company and great exercise to get that heart rate up before we get started with our hectic weekend.  I am so happy the ladies came out and am amped to do this again next weekend.  I am wondering if we just do our normal indoor workouts outdoors.  What do I mean you say?  Walking lunges, jump rope, bicep curls, tricep extensions, walking squats and the like.  Whatcha think?

Apparel:  Under Armour running jacket, Lululemon top, Under Armour running capris, Asics GT2170 running shoes, Balega running socks, Wahoo fitness HRM strap, Yurbuds earbuds




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