Sanders Optimum Boot Camp (Day 6)


Monte training Ray Lewis in the Garrison Forest Athletic Center where we workout 3 days a week.

I feel good!  Made it through the second of four weeks of this boot camp!  I will admit, I felt much better today than I did yesterday.  Today I arrived and had a chance to stretch before he put us to work.  We warmed up with a mile jog he wanted us to complete UNDER 9 minutes.  Then he had us do 100 jumping jacks.

After that warm up it was ON!  We did 250 basement squats (stay at the bottom in the hard zone – don’t come all the way up, sort of like pulses), 200 MORE  jumping jacks, 250 rapid fire jumping jacks (don’t ask…I surprised myself) and 150 push ups!  Yes you read that right…150 push ups.  Arms were like jelly after that was done.  All within the first 20 minutes of our morning.  It wasn’t even 6:00 am yet!

Then he had us tone up while walking on our tippy toes (you know, to get that calf work in).  Once we walk diagonally across the gym floor we then performed bicep curls, Arnold presses, shoulder presses, tricep kick backs and everything in between.  We did all of these toning exercises while we walked another mile around that gym.

Typically at 5:30 am in the morning, there isn’t much chatter because folks are still trying to wake up but HONEY….near the end of today’s session, you heard yelps and grunts from pure exhaustion!  And just when I looked over at the clock and figured we only have 2 minutes the torture is OVER….he had us do MORE suicide drills you know…to get that metabolism working  just a little extra as we get into our cars and drive home.

Gee thanks!  :-)

We did have a great surprise today, someone brought their 81-year-old grandmother to today’s session and she HUNG WITH US!!  I mean she was sprinting, doing wall push ups, squats, the entire 9 yards!  I was so inspired and said THIS IS ALL WORTH IT if I have my health at 81 like she does.  No walker, no crutches, no humps in the back …. pure health!

I know it sounds corny but it is true…health is our greatest wealth!  Believe that!

We ended our session with a team huddle yelling PRAISE THE LORD!  Yeessss I like that!



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