Bootcamp Kick Butt!

Today I did it ya’ll!  I survived my FIRST day of bootcamp with Monte Sanders.  His program is the Sanders Optimum Fitness bootcamp and it is no joke.  For years I have been hearing about it from my friend but never really paid that much attention to it since I felt my gym membership was enough.  Well I was ready to challenge myself and kick it up a notch.

Another friend forwarded a FREE session he was hosting for those interested in joining the bootcamp so I definitely attended.  I could not participate because I had the children in tow but I got to watch and I was SOLD!  He worked those people like they paid for it!  It was hustle…hustle…..and bustle the entire POWER HOUR!  I mean – it was no joke.

I received notification to sign up and all of a sudden I had hesitation!  I mean I know I was interested BUT….the only session I can attend is 5:30 am!  This is 3 times a week vs. 2 with my trainer.  This thing is 1 hour per session vs. 30 minutes. I really ready for this?  If I pay I just committed for the entire month of August.  The JITTERS set in.  Then I listened to my own voice… risk no reward!  If you want to see real change you have to do something others just won’t do.  You have to push.  It won’t be comfortable but nothing worth having is ever easily gained.

I had to be my own motivating voice!  And folks sometimes you have to motivate yourself.  Others can’t carry you.  You have to want it more than anyone else wants it for you.  Only THEN can you commit to your own health and well being.

I went to my first session today and got SMOKED and that is good.  Mr. Sanders still told me I did a good job today on my first day ever.  And at my next session I be a monkey’s uncle I let a little 12 year old out run me on the suicide DRILLS!  I have too much pride for that.  LOL!!

It’s all good…I am glad I walked out there and started to really stretch myself and be about it vs. just talk about it.  We all get in our fitness/workout comfort zones and if you aren’t seeing the changes you want – you know what you have to do.   Pump it UP!

Stay blessed and enjoy my little video on my experience.

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Who I am My name is Diatta Harris and I’m a 40-something wife, mother of 2 and career woman who is constantly inspired by anything fitness related. My professional background includes a Master of Healthcare Administration and Master of Business Administration. I am also a project management professional by trade in the healthcare IT space. As you can see, I have created a life and career around healthcare. What I call myself I consider myself a fitness enthusiast and love researching anything that will help me get better fit mentally, physically and spiritually. I also like sharing this special information with others as it is better to give than to receive. My motivation In 2005 I started running with a former co-worker who was diagnosed and fighting breast cancer. She WON! I was so inspired by her we started running together every week on the NCR trail in Maryland. Fast forward to 2008 – I met up with a friend I had not seen in a few years and she looked FANTASTIC! She was fit and trim and was generous enough to share with me her secret weapon. Her trainer who worked at Brick Bodies. I quickly got her name and started working out with her for about 6 months from 2008 to 2009. I then began working out on my own in my home gym but it wasn’t the same. I reunited with my trainer April 2011 and have continued to train with her 2 times a week, 30 minute sessions each. And let me just say she makes me EARN IT! Why I started this blog I want to share my passion for wellness and fitness with all of you to encourage you to live the most healthy lifestyle you can. I hope some of you are also encouraged and willing to share your fitness journey through the mountains and valleys to help inspire others who feel it too daunting a task to be fit in conjunction with managing a balanced life. What inspires me I am constantly inspired when I meet and talk to folks who are also into fitness whether professionally or recreationally! I am impresed with those who have taken the time and have the discipline to make their bodies perfection inside and out with proper nutrition and workouts. What I find, I want to share with YOU! Who I meet, I want to introduce to YOU! I am excited to be here and hope you choose to join me in this journey. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Let’s GO! View all posts by Diatta

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