These Shoes Were Made For….

Submitted by: Ramona

It’s my second training run and it actually went really well! 4 miles today and I felt strong afterwards. So strong that I decided to take a Zumba class after my run. You see…while I was on a little “run-cation” I really got into other forms of exercise. I was getting my cross train ON! ;-) Zumba, by far, turned out to be my favorite!!! Well did you see my shoes? Yeah those are my Brooks Adrenalines….AHEM…running shoes! Running shoes are made for RUNNING! I became oh so sure of that within minutes of the class. Luckily I already knew it so I didn’t try most of the moves. I knew my shoes weren’t going to allow my ankles to do all of that! Don’t try it people cause you WIlL regret it! Running shoes…running….Cross Trainers…anything else! I may have to pack two pairs of shoes in my gym bag this summer cause I can not give up my “Stop….DropPauuuuse“!

Ramona is a wife, mother and fitness fan!  A dedicated fitness buff, Ramona is committed to staying in shape using a variety of methods and constantly challenging herself.  Her next race is the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon.  Her previous race was in New Orleans Rock & Roll Half Marathon back in March 2012.  Good luck on your race Ramona – Femme Fitale is rooting for you!!

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