Annual wellness exam

Being healthy is more than just going to the gym or running around outside.  For all women, not just those of us who are a little more *ahem* mature for our age, we should make it a priority to get annual wellness exams to make sure we are maturing gracefully and healthily.  I got my results and I am very pleased to say according to the bloodwork results I am in PERFECT HEALTH and CONDITION.

My numbers looked very good:

Blood pressure:  100/64

HDL:  140

LDL:  45

BMI:  25.5 (I have a slight issue with how BMI is calculated b/c I believe it doesn’t take a lot into account especially when someone is lifting but I must get over it).

I am very pleased with the results and working out with my trainer and on my own has proven to definitely “do the body good”.

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